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I know what you’re thinking, this girl moves to Texas in 2012, throws on a cowboy hat and thinks she can just greet everyone with HOWDY and HEY Y’ALL! Why yes, yes I do! I’m Sarah. I’m a Texan, by way of Tennessee, by way of Virginia. I graduated college from the greatest school on the planet, The University of Tennessee. Back then (over a decade ago) social media had only just begun. Facebook was open to select college students with a .edu address, and in a crazy bout of foreshadowing, I was one of the very first users on the platform.

Social media has been my career path ever since.

My full time gig is the Social Media Director for Makeready Experience, a boutqiue hotel management startup. As one of the OG side hustle bloggers, I’ve learned a thing or two over the seven years I’ve been in the game. 

I began my blogging career in 2012 by launching the successful sports + lifestyle blog Venus Trapped in Mars.  I rarely blogged about things to do in Dallas back then, since most of my following was scattered across the United States. It wasn’t until I tried to apply for a press pass to a local beer festival that I realized that although my current following didn’t care about Dallas events – over 7 million people who live in the metroplex DO care.

I launched Dallas Love List in June of 2016! Although a few “localized” blogs existed back then, I saw the need for outstanding photography that really made you WANT to eat/drink/play in that city. My vibrant images helped the page grow quickly and steadily, year over year. 

Fast forward to today. City Love List is a collection of food, street art, museums and iconic people and places. Each City Love List page is your go-to account for both locals and visitors alike looking for the best new restaurant, a craft cocktail or the best backdrop for the perfect Instagram that will get all of the likes!

Thank you for reading the best blog for where to eat, drink and play in your city.

City Love List Blog
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