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Updated: May 18, 2021

We just got back from a weekend in Vegas for the wedding of our two friends Deana and Kristie (a.k.a. Dallas Food Freak). This was our very first time flying during the pandemic and first trip out of Texas since early March. The wedding was a small group, and we absolutely didn't want to miss it so we grabbed our N95 masks and headed to Las Vegas to celebrate our friends. I wanted to talk real quick about a few of the safety measures we saw on our trip, and how we felt incredibly comfortable and safe at The Cosmopolitan hotel in Las Vegas during COVID.


MY NEW FAVORITE VEGAS HOTEL! Oh my goodness, my friends, this was THE HOTEL to stay at while in Vegas. It is equal parts luxury, but also hip and trendy. Some other luxury hotels in Vegas feel a little stuffy, but not The Cosmo. If you're a millennial looking for a funky spot but still want to experience a luxury hotel, this is the place for you.

We stayed in the Chelsea tower, where we had the above view from our balcony, but they have a ton of different room types to choose from. Also, keep in mind, they're currently operating at a lower occupancy for guest safety. I believe I heard 60% occupancy.

I have a background in hotels, so I want to let you in on a trick for booking rooms. This is the same for really the vast majority of properties we share on this blog. Hotels will have an "offers" tab filled with free food and beverage credits, discounts on extended stays and who knows what else.

We stayed in the Chelsea tower with a magnificent patio and THE BEST VIEW IN THE CITY, IMO.


Everywhere in Vegas, you'll need to wear a mask. I'm sure this comes as no surprise but it is enforced strictly and without wiggle room. Elevators are also limited to groups of no more than 4. I really don't think I saw a single person, at any point in the hotel, without a mask on. It really helped us feel comfortable.


I wasn't expecting this when we got there, I wasn't sure if I'd feel ok playing blackjack but then saw these protective panels that protect not only the dealers but also the patrons from each other.

Masks are also required at all times, even if you have a beverage in front of you. Remove the mask, take a sip, immediately put the mask back on. Really appreciated that rule.

Not my best photo but here you can see the panels I'm talking about and all the seats being wiped down.

Bars + Clubs are CLOSED in Vegas right now

Although a few hotel bars are available, including the mind-blowing, three level, Chandelier lounge shown below - the vast majority of bars and clubs are closed.

We were lucky enough to snag a table at the Chandelier lounge earlier in the evening before it got busy! There is no "walk-up" bar service and there is absolutely no standing around at any bar. If you'd like a drink anywhere in Vegas, you'll need to be seated and served. No walk up bars available.


Another thing I really loved was that two of The Cosmo's pools were exclusively limited to hotel guests. We went to the Boulevard pool and the Chelsea pool. Both were great but the boulevard pool had the most incredible views and we really liked the vibe there. Lots of room in the pool for everyone to have their own space. Again, bars did not allow walk-up orders and and drinks came right from your server.

Some of you will admire my cocktail, some of you might be checking out the butts that I don't know how to photoshop out 😂 Hey, if you've got it flaunt it! And I do mean both the cocktail and the butts 😬

THE concept of the buffet has been completely reimagined

I saved the best for last, the new way to buffet in Vegas looks completely different from ever before. Wicked Spoon is one of only two buffets to reopen in Vegas and they really didn't miss a safety detail.

This was my first time eating at Wicked Spoon, but I'm told in the past they've always pre-plated the foods for you. This is not new. What is new though is that only ONE person at each station is able to serve you food. You ask for what you'd like, they hand it to you, and you're on your way.

This isn't your everyday buffet either. No no no no - Wicked Spoon is a fully chef driven concept specializing in many different cuisines. Take a look at our spread. We even enjoyed bottomless beverages during our visit. Champagne, mimosas and bloodies - oh my!

We had a great time visiting Vegas safely for the wedding of our friends, and other than the wedding itself, really didn't have a need to leave The Cosmo! Between the pool, the best restaurants in Vegas (they also have the famous Beauty and Essex and Secret Pizza which was SOOOOOO GOOD OMG) it's a one stop shop.

This will be my go-to hotel from here on out when visiting Vegas, I couldn't have loved it more!

And one more picture of that room view for good measure!



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