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Check Out the New Fair Food Vendors Making Their Debut at the 2023 State Fair of Texas

Being seasoned State Fair connoisseurs, we thought we'd seen it all as far as fair food is concerned. But, boy, has the 2023 State Fair of Texas proven us wrong. The folks at the Fair have rolled out a HUGE list of brand new food items that will be available as you're traipsing through Fair Park this year. Here they all are — be sure to read all the way to the bottom to see their locations mapped out on the fairgrounds!

1. Eataly's Fried Cacio e Pepe

📍Cotton Bowl Plaza

For the first time ever, Eataly is coming to the State Fair of Texas! With their menu full of authentic Italian food, Eataly wanted to create a special treat for the State Fair, a new Texi-fied twist on an Italian classic: Fried Cacio e Pepe. Perfectly cooked pasta is tossed with rich cacio e pepe sauce made with authentic Italian Pecorino Romano cheese and freshly ground black pepper. For a signature State Fair twist, it’s then deep fried to crispy perfection and topped with a sprinkle of Parmigiano Reggiano, served with a side of house-made marinara sauce. One of the most iconic Italian dishes, Eataly's Fried Cacio e Pepe gives a decadent classic a fried Fair touch.

2. Poundcake exPerts' red, white & Blue crumble

📍Tower Building

Founded in 2017, Pound Cake Experts has become a community staple, traveling to local fairs and events across the metroplex and frequently selling out due to popular demand. They make 50 flavors of delicious pound cakes and are bringing their 10 best sellers with to the Fair, including the unique Red, White, & Blue Crumble. A delicious medley of red velvet, blue velvet, and butter pound cake is crumbled into bite-sized bits over a bed of soft serve. Be sure to try this melt-in-your-mouth treat!

3. SandoiTchi's Strawberry Cream Sando

📍Tower Building

What do you get when you combine Japanese milk bread and unique, delicious ingredients? You get a sando from Sandoitchi! The brainchild of a Michelin star chef and three friends with backgrounds in fashion, Sandoitchi is a pop-up concept that travels across the country serving innovative Japanese sandwiches known as “sandos," and one of their locations is in Downtown Dallas, if you haven't tried it. One of their featured items is a Strawberry Cream Sando, layered with juicy strawberries and velvety Chantilly cream nestled between clouds of pillowy Japanese milk bread that eats more like a dessert than a sandwich.

4. Stay cheesy's Boujee grilled cheese

📍Tower Building

From the food truck named Lil Red’s, which has been serving up gourmet sliders and fresh-cut French fries all over the metroplex since 2020, comes the Boujee Grilled Cheese! They'll also be serving a classic grilled cheese, but this upscale version is a real crowd favorite. Layered with a creamy brie spread, deli turkey, fresh arugula, green apple slices, Havarti cheese and handmade cranberry mayo, we're super excited to try this refreshing new sandwich at the Fair this season.

5. CHIcharron Loaded Nachos from the Borracho Nacho Bar

📍Cotton Bowl Plaza

Borracho Nacho Bar, an outdoor stand, will be making their State Fair debut this year. Their signature menu item is Build-your-Own Chicharron Nachos, which begin with fresh pork rinds that are fried to a golden, crispy crunch and seasoned with just the right amount of Cajun-style seasonings to ensure a mouthwatering kick. Next, you can add smoked beef fajita meat and top it with delectable freshly made queso. Finish it all off with a full serving of savory chopped beef barbecue for an even bigger flavor explosion.

6. Blooming Onion from the Cajun Cowboy

📍First Avenue

If you’re looking for all things Cajun at the Fair this year, look no further than The Cajun Cowboy! This new stand’s first-ever featured menu item will be a Blooming Onion, a colossal onion battered in Cajun seasonings, deep-fried, and served with a delicious signature dipping sauce. Other menu items will include 2023 Big Tex Choice Awards Finalist Deep Fried Cheesy Crab Tater Bites, Deep Fried Boudin Balls, Deep Fried Bread Pudding, Pie Tin Shrimp, a Muffaletta, and more.

7. Ferris Wheelers' East Meets West BBQ

📍The Funway

East meets West at this new food stand that brings a twist on southern BBQ right to The State Fair of Texas. Brand new to the Fair, East Meets West BBQ is presented by the folks at Ferris Wheelers and will be serving up BBQ Egg Rolls, TX Chili Potstickers, Banana Pudding Mochi, as well as debuting their featured menu item called the Bao Bun Taco Trio, pictured above. This trio brings the fluffy steamed bao bun to a meat-lovers paradise, one filled with fried chicken, another with pork belly burnt ends, and finally, a bao filled with chopped brisket. You can try one at a time or stuff your face with the whole trio!

8. Big Texan Fries from Fryed

📍The Funway

Fryed is a new food stand that will be DOING IT BIG at the Fair this year with its five different styles of loaded potatoes. They are reinventing the way you enjoy your tater tots and French fries with their 2023 debut at the State Fair of Texas. Fryed’s feature menu item, the Big Texan, starts off with either their signature fries or crispy tater tots. Those are topped with Fryed’s famous hatch chili queso, Texas-smoked shredded brisket and hickory smoked bacon pieces and drizzled with their signature barbecue sauce. Along with the Big Texan, there are other styles to try out, including buffalo chicken, Mexicano, and Sweet Potato S’mores!

9. The Steak Bowl from Stiffler's Steak Shop

📍The Funway

Stiffler's Steak Stop knows how to turn up the heat with their Jalapeño Margarita and their juicy steaks. Stiffler’s Steak Stop will be featuring the Steak Bowl on their new menu at the 2023 State Fair. The bowl is made-to-order, with mouth-watering bites of prime sirloin steak, served in a bowl with your choice of homemade rustic mashed potatoes, wine-marinated mushrooms, sautéed onions, and bell peppers. You can top it off with your choice of a zesty chimichurri sauce, their homemade Cowboy Butter Sauce, or both. Step up to the grill and have it your way! While you’re at the booth, be sure to try their Peach Bellini or the Jalapeño Margarita for that extra kick that compliments the Steak Bowl perfectly.

10. Strawberry Shortcake Sopapillas

📍Cotton Bowl Plaza

What’s a trip to the Fair without a good sopapilla? The feature item from the Texas Sopapilla Factory this year is the Strawberry Shortcake Sopapilla, which provide a fun State Fair of Texas twist on the classic strawberry shortcake. The sopapillas are coated in powdered sugar and topped with all the traditional strawberry fixins, and more. Other sopapilla flavors include this year’s Big Tex Choice Awards winner in the "Most Creative" category, their Bourbon Banana Caramel Sopapillas, as well as Chocolate Lovers, and even a Cinnamon Toast Crunch™ flavored offering!

Also Check Out:

1. Canosaur's CAntina

📍Leonhardt Lagoon

Located within the Dinosaurs at the Lagoon exhibit, Canosaur’s Cantina is a prehistoric paradise where ancient creatures and delectable delights merge to create an unforgettable experience and relaxing atmosphere for fairgoers of all ages. The Cantina will have tasty food for those young and young at heart with items ranging from tacos and quesadillas to adult beverages. They will be offering drinks like La Pitfina, which is a blue wine-based drink, and La Barbie, a 24-ounce iced drink rimmed with cotton candy and cotton candy powder, Red Bull, watermelon lime soda, and vodka wine gummies.

2. Juicy's Texas Tailgate

📍Near the Texas Star Ferris Wheel

On any given day at the Fair, you may want to sit back, relax, and see how your favorite team is doing on the big screen, and there is no better place to watch whatever game is going on than at Juicy’s Texas Tailgate! This new area was created as the ultimate sports fan destination with multiple large televisions, plenty of seating and food options, so you can have your fill of Fair food and fun while also watching the game. They will be offering a variety of foods that range from the classic half-pound corndog to a huge full slab of BBQ ribs! If you want a treat for you or the kiddos, they will also be serving Fried Snickers, Fried Twinkies, and Fried S’mores.

3. Dickel's Smokehouse

📍Cotton Bowl Plaza

Dickel’s Smokehouse has been a staple of the Fair for many years; it is located on the corner of Cotton Bowl Plaza near the Lagoon and the Dallas Children’s Aquarium. This year it returns as a newly redesigned space with increased lighting. Serving slow-cooked meats that are sure to delight fairgoers of all ages, Dickel's has a rustic charm and circular bar seating options around trees. There will also be picnic tables so families can sit in the shade and try the traditional and modern BBQ from around the Lone Star State!

Add them all to your State Fair Love List!✨🤠


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