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Discover the Top Picnic Spots in Dallas Fort Worth

If you're a nature enthusiast seeking picturesque locations to indulge in a delightful outdoor dining experience, or just someone with a special outdoorsy someone, you've come to the right place. From lush parks and serene lakeshores to charming gardens and hidden gems, we're unveiling the most idyllic settings for your next picnic adventure. Get ready to embark on a journey of culinary delights amidst the natural beauty of Dallas-Fort Worth!

1. KLyde Warren Park

Dallas has so much to offer, and so many times, the town square where it shows its best face is Klyde Warren, where citizens congregate and create traditions together. The 5.2-acre park relies on contributions from donors to keep it clean, safe and active for more than one million visitors each year.

2. white rock lake

White Rock Lake is an especially upbeat spot to start the day with a morning stroll. Starting points for a picturesque morning walk include the spillway at Garland Road and White Rock Drive as well as West Lawther Drive near Williamson and White Rock Road.

3. dallas arboretum

As one of the most beautiful spots in Dallas, the Arboretum is home to 66 acres of flowers, grassy areas, and hidden walkways that are perfect to explore! Bring your own basket of your favorite food and drinks and a blanket to sprawl out on the lawn for a picnic. Or, head back to the Arboretum during one of its many events throughout the year, including a concert series, art festival, and more!

4. turtle creek park

Since 1903, Turtle Creek Park has been a natural oasis for Dallas residents and visitors, providing a sense of place and peace. Twenty acres of natural beauty in the heart of the city offer a serene retreat for walks, picnics, special events and simply contemplating nature. This is a true Dallas treasure that more people should take advantage of!

5. griggs park

For your next Boho Birthday picnic, why not try Griggs Park? For a beautiful picnic set up, incredible views, fresh air, great food options nearby, great wine and good company, what more can you ask for?

6. andrew brown park, coppell

Whether it's for the perfect Bluebonnet photo op, a nice bike ride or an afternoon under the shade of a big beautiful tree, Andrew Brown Park in Coppell is one of the most underrated places in DFW for your next picnic. You won't have to deal with the crowds like you will in a more urban setting, and the views are just as amazing.

7. hidden teddy bear park

It's true! You'll find this family of adorable, giant teddies hidden in beautiful Lakeside Park ... one of Dallas' prettiest parks. The cuddly statues really couldn't be cuter. The park they're located in is gorgeous, too — it's the perfect way to spend a lazy afternoon! We know you're going to love seeing this unique Dallas park.

8. vitruvian park

Addison's Vitruvian Park is a gem to the north. A spring-fed creek and 19 acres of green space make up the showcase amenity of Vitruvian Park and serve as the heart of the development. This world-class park invites participation with public art, live performance venues, and dramatic water features. A walkway meanders along with the creek and connects to other regional trails.

9. lake arlington

This man-made lake (the earth removed was transported to a landfill to form Nickol Knoll Golf Club) was created to ease flooding problems. The 2-mile walking path is used year-round. The 50-acre detention lake allows boating but no swimming. But these ducks definitely look like they could use some company.

10. Lake Grapevine

The boating is only matched by the trail system at Lake Grapevine. Scenic beauty 360 degrees around you, 24/7. One of our favorite spots is Rockledge Park, located on the east end of Lake Grapevine on the north end of the dam and is home to a starting point of North Shore Trail. This park offers beautiful views from bluffs overlooking the lake. There is also a nice pavilion located inside the park. The cost to enter the park is $10 per vehicle, but holidays might be a little more expensive.

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