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Dallas, it's going to be a rainy week and for a lot of us rainy days can take a major toll on our mental health. Gloomy skies and long rainy days are unusual for us Texans who live for sunshine and warmth. So bad weather can often leave us feeling sad or unmotivated when the storms and rain roll in. We asked you guys what you do to keep a positive attitude during crummy weather and want to share so we can all try and keep a smile through this week of rain and storms!

1.//do an Indoor Workout

Ever since quarantine, it seems like there's more and more online at-home workouts right at our fingertips. Pull up YouTube or your favorite fitness Instagram page and do a quick at-home workout. Whether it's a HIIT workout for those of you trying to stay in shape, or something more relaxing like yoga or meditation, it is important to get up off the couch even for a bit! A good workout will release endorphins which decrease anxiety and depression while also increasing serotonin.

2.//give yourself a self-care night at home

We all wish we had more time for ourselves to relax. Rainy days are the perfect excuse to treat yourself to a face mask, bath and glass of wine at home. No matter what your version of self care is: whether it's painting your nails, doing a hair mask, or taking a long hot shower- DO IT! A relaxing night in is just the cure for a rainy day. If you're local to Uptown, Team Love List loves using Foxtrot Delivery to get all the eye masks, bath bombs, CBD and wine delivered right to our door!

3.//FaceTime a friend you haven't talked to in a while

If Covid taught us anything, it was to take time to check in on your friends. Zoom, FaceTime and Skype makes connecting with friends and family so easy and accessible! Call your grandma, a friend from college or your mom- call and say hi! Nothing better than a familiar face and voice to get your through a gloomy day.

4.//read that book you've been meaning to get to

Most of us have a book or two sitting on our nightstand we've been meaning to get to. A rainy day is a perfect excuse to cuddle up in your favorite blanket and read! It's safe to say most of us are almost always glued to our phones and could all use some time away from our screens. Plus there are so many benefits to reading- stress reduction, mental stimulation, better sleep and so much more.

5.//order in your favorite take out

Indulge in your favorite takeout! Pull up your delivery app and order in your favorite pizza or Chinese and Instacart your favorite pint of ice cream for a night in. A rainy day is the perfect excuse to treat yourself to your favorite foods and have a lazy afternoon! Team Love List loves to order in Malai Kitchen, Sushi or Taco Deli!

6.//light your favorite candle

A dark and gloomy day calls for all the candles! Instead of harsh overhead lights, relax with the calming light from your favorite candles and use the relaxing aromas to chill out. Light them up and enjoy watching your favorite show, reading your book, or watching the rain fall outside.

7.//clean your space

Got an extra closet you've been meaning to clean out? When was the last time you went through your pantry to get rid of everything expired? On a day when you don't feel like leaving home, it is the best time to knock out your to-do list and purge all the places you've been meaning to for months. Cleaning out clutter can help you declutter and relax your mind too- so you can actually enjoy a day to yourself!

8.//make a fun new recipe

We all have way too many Pinterest pins with recipes we've been wanting to try but never have reason to make it or time to do it. Baking or cooking on a wet and rainy day is a 2 in 1. Not only are you getting yourself up and keeping busy but you also get to indulge in whatever you make! You can reward yourself with a nap on the couch or vegging out with your new recipe!

9.//get some extra sleep

What's more relaxing than falling asleep to rain falling outside your window? Treat yourself to a nap when the weather is gross! Draw the blinds and get under the covers (or keep them open so you can see the pitter patter of the rain outside) and catch some extra ZZZZs!

10.//turn on happy music

Nothing boosts our mood like a good jam session. Team Love List constantly is playing music to keep us upbeat and excited throughout the work day. While you may want to turn on some sad music to match the outdoors, turn on something more upbeat to boost your mood! Plus, extra serotonin boost if you choose to dance it out Meredith and Yang style (Greys fans, iykyk)

11.//take some extra vitamin d

Since rainy days means a major lack of sunshine, make sure to take your extra Vitamin D to still reap all the benefits from the sun! Vitamin D is important for healthy bones and immune system as well as keeping you feeling healthy and balanced! You can take a multivitamin or eat a fatty fish or egg yolk!

12.//watch your favorite movie or show

Nothing says a lazy rainy day like binging your favorite Netflix series! Get back under that cozy blanket, grab a snack, light those candles turn on your favorite show or start a new one! It'll help the day go by quicker and give you a chance to relax for a bit. Team Love List favorites include: Schitts Creek, Sex in the City, Gossip Girl, The Crown, Ozark, Greys Anatomy and Friends!

13.//appreciate the time to slow down

As life returns to "normal" we are slowly getting back to the hustle and bustle of life. Each of us are trying to juggle it all: work, relationships, friendships, side hustles, working out and everything else in between. A rainy day is a great excuse to take time for YOU. Mentally try to associate a rainy day with your "perfect day in" so when you think about a rainy day you get excited to do all your favorite things. Order in or cook, light all the candles and turn on some pump up music, grab a book and a facemark or turn on your favorite Netflix show and then call your bestie. Either way, make a day that feels perfect to you and DO IT. Appreciate the time for yourself and relax! Rainy days don't have to be the worst, it's all what you make of it!

So from the Love List team, we hope you choose to make the these next few rainy days great! Our team is working together at Stay Love List so we can collaborate and hold each other accountable to accomplish our goals even though the weather makes us want to curl up in bed. We have all the jams on and have our favorite candle lit. We even treated ourself to Starbucks this morning for a little pick me up.


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