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Updated: Oct 8, 2021

How's that house treating you? How is Netflix treating you? Have you reached the end of TikTok yet? Have you read every conspiracy theory on reddit? Yeah, my husband and I have too. The only thing left on my Netflix watch list is the very last season of True Blood, a show I lost interest in many years ago. IT IS TIME TO GET OUT OF THE HOUSE, DALLAS. Last week I posted a great rainy day date spot which sparked the idea of this post, 13 outdoor date ideas to get you and your significant other off the couch and out in the big wide world of Dallas, safely!

I just have a single guideline to follow, WEAR YOUR DANG MASKS, PEOPLE! I'm ready to get back to our normal lives! I miss beer festivals and attending Rangers games in person. Not all of these require masks, but some do, so pack your mask because we're going on an outdoor dating adventure.

1. Visit the Dallas Arboretum, but bring a bottle of wine🍷

Did I just blow your mind that you can bring wine to the Arboretum? I'm not pulling your wine cork, you really can. I once shot a wine campaign at the Arboretum, but gave them a ring beforehand and sure enough they confirmed - wine is ok in their book. Since I was taking pictures I brought nice flutes but if I were you I'd brown bag it with plastic cups.

2. Get a rooftop pool pass for two from The Adolphus via Resort Pass

The Adolphus is my favorite pool in Dallas and without their normal, work week business travel occupancy they now offer pool passes Monday - Friday. We also got married on the rooftop pool deck at The Adolphus, so I can vouch that it is wildly romantic.

3. Your dog is tired of going on a walk, take them to Mutts Cantina instead

Your dog doesn't know how to say this without hurting your feelings, but he/she/it really wants to see other dogs. It's not you it's the COVID and your 1 billion walks around the same neighborhood over and over. Take your floofer to Mutts where you can drink margaritas, eat crinkle cut fries, socially distance and let your dog get a little "paw-sonal" time.

Deep Ellum is my favorite neighborhood and it is filled with art as far as the eye can see. You and your beau can take selfies at each wall. When you're done, post your whole selfie filled camera roll to facebook and instagram to show everyone how cute you are.

Dare I even suggest a photo of you two kissing in your masks? Tag me if you do it, I want to see!

5. Take a to go, pre-mixed cocktail for a spin around the block

If there is one great thing to come from the past few months it's the ability to purchase cocktails to go that are already mixed by an expert bartender. I don't know about you but my vodka topo chicos were getting a little heavy handed at home, and not to mention very boring.

Grab a margarita from somewhere locally owned like Las Palmas or Bowen House and walk the Katy Trail or the sidewalks of Uptown! Oh and get queso too, don't forget the queso.

6. Take a scooter tour of Downtown, Victory and Klyde Warren Park

Scooters are one of my favorite modern-day luxuries. We just got back from a weekend trip to visit Austin Proper and scooters saved my blistered feet!


Start in Downtown Dallas by the eyeball, roll on down to Victory Park (check out the art and murals by Lesli Marshall on each floor of their parking garage), ride up through Harwood then over to Klyde Warren park.

Which leads me to my next thought....

7. Eat at the food trucks at Klyde Warren Park

Grab a snack, full meal or dessert from a truck you've never checked out before. The trucks are back and open limited hours at the park. Just remember though, you'll need a mask when ordering!

The trucks have extended hours for the Summer //

Lunch 11am - 3pm every day

Dinner on Saturday and Sunday from 5pm - 9:30pm.

Kindly note that the above photo is pre-COVID

8. Take pictures at Trinity Groves

I can't get enough of this spot. It's perfect for lovers of the Dallas skyline, or in the case of this post, lovers of each other!

Walk the entire bridge, then grab dinner to-go from one of the many great restaurants at TG. My pick would be Beto and Son!

9. Rent a boat on Lake Lewisville or Lake Grapevine

We've taken out a pontoon a few times and brought the pups. So many marinas around town have boat rentals. Check out this page for boat rentals in six different locations.

If jet skis are more your thing, they have those too! Me personally, I'm on the boat to chill and relax... and maybe a quick make out with my cute hubby! This is a post about date ideas after all!

10. Have a backyard game night with corn hole or even go old school with beer pong

This has been our favorite way to spend a Sunday Funday during quarantine. What I call the "bucket game", shown above, is my favorite. If that's not your speed, play corn hole or even beer pong.

We usually just play water pong since we are grown adults and drinking from a cup that has bounced in the yard is less than appealing 😂 What were we thinking in college anyway with that move??

11. Play golf, book a late tee time if you're a beginner

I grew up on the golf course and have rekindled my love of the game during quarantine. Golf is one of the safest things I've done during the lockdown. The courses in Dallas have the hole elevated, so you don't actually need to pull the pin out. You aren't touching anything someone else has touched.

If you're new to golf, book a late afternoon tee time. The course will be less crowded, and your greens fees will be cheaper too! My favorite course is Steven's Park because of this view on the back 9!

12. Real golf not for you? Try mini golf either indoor or outdoor!

There is a new, and might I add wild, indoor mini golf that just opened near Sylvan 30 called Another Round! The holes are crazy, see exhibit A above! I really probably should have lead with this, but they also have a full bar 😉 Note - Reservations required currently!

Prefer outdoors? The Topgolf over on Park Lane has both mini golf (54 holes) and batting cages. Plus, Topgolf is HQ in Dallas so you're supporting fellow Dallasites!

13. Support your local breweries with beer to go

I saved the best for last. I love the Dallas craft beer scene and they really need our help. With the second round of closures, the vast majority of the smaller breweries, particularly those who don't sell their beer in many restaurants, are struggling to stay afloat. I don't want to live in a world where there is no local IPA.

Some of my favorite spots are Oak Cliff Brewing who pivoted by just recently building an outdoor beer garden, Celestial BeerWorks, 3 Nations and Texas Ale Project. Support any and all of your favorites, save our breweries! Or grab a six pack from a few different places and make your own craft beer flight!


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