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Updated: May 18, 2021

Hi new friends, I'm Gizmo! I am a year and a half old Cattle Dog mix up for adoption right here in Dallas! I'm currently living at one of the best shelters (it's no kill, whoop whoop!) in Dallas, The Humane Society of Dallas County Dog and Kitty City! You can find a list of all of my adoptable buddies HERE, but I would like to make a suggestion that you just take me home with you instead! After all, I have been here since September, I'd love to find a family to call my own.

What's that? You want to get to know me better? Well, I can help with that.

Like I mentioned, I'm a year and a half old and my previous owner wasn't able to keep me and that made me super sad because I loved giving them face licks and showering them with Gizmo kisses. I am great with other dogs and love to play fetch too! I have a lot of energy, and I want to spend all of that energy with my favorite hoomans!

I don't mind if you change my name either. You see, I spent yesterday with my new friend Sarah who runs this blog Dallas Love List. She told me I looked more like a Buster, and I rolled with it. I like the name Buster, makes me sound super manly and important.

Speaking of Sarah, man did we have the best day. She took me all over to her pup's favorite spots in the Big D! Sarah has two former shelter pups of her own, they both sounded awesome and I hope I get to meet them one day!

How about I tell you about our jam packed day of fun yesterday? First, Sarah picked me up at my place and we headed right to Mutts Canine Cantina. She even had some of her furry friends meet us there, including Bix and Layla who I loved.

We hit the playground and had a ball, literally.

We played a lot of fetch, and I took turns giving everyone hugs.

After hanging around the park for a bit...

.... Sarah took me out to the patio area. I didn't know what she bought, but dang did it smell good.

Not to brag, but I already know how to sit, like a good boy.

I sat and waited patiently for WHATEVER THE HECK it was she was holding.



Paw licking good!

After my belly was all full, we went on a walk to get some group pics in front of the new mural located in the West Village!

I make this mural look GOOOOOD!

I had a curfew of 4:30, so we had one last stop to make after posing for the camera in Uptown! We headed to Katy Trail Ice House for the hoomans to have one last snack before they took me home! I took a peek at what they were having, it looked tasty! My belly was still full from my doggy snack at Mutts though, so I just looked.

We took one final photo before heading home.

I didn't want to admit this out loud, but man was I pooped from the fun day. I couldn't even keep my eyes open on the drive home!

When we got back to the shelter, I raced in to tell my friends all about my day of fun!! It was one of the best days I've had in ages!

I hope you'll consider me as your next furbaby, I'm a great addition to the family. Or, if you're single, I sure make a great wingdog! All the ladies loved me yesterday!!!

Don't forget to check my profile out HERE and come see me at Dog and Kitty City and take me home ASAP!!!!

Can't wait to be besties.


Gizmo (or Buster... or whatever you want to call me!)

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