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Updated: May 18, 2021

A couple of weeks ago I got an intriguing email from the Toyota team inviting me to join them for a night of mischief around my favorite city, Dallas! Our group's adventure was to begin at the historic Adolphus in the heart of Downtown Dallas. There we would receive our first clue on where the night would take us.

At check in, the front desk team at The Adolphus had our first assignment for our night of #MakingMischief. We were to meet in the lobby to gather for dinner at 4pm sharp!

After a fancy dinner at Dallas Chop House downtown, we got our first two clues. One was a single black stiletto, which we'd been instructed to return to Cinderella who lost it running to her C-HR, and the other was our first destination, the funky and fabulous resale shop - Buffalo Exchange!

Before we headed to go shopping, we were treated to a tour of the C-HR by the Toyota brand rep. Lucky for me, I had the awesome opportunity to test drive Toyota's all new C-HR for the entire week. This car is SO COOL and brand new to the market. When I sat behind the wheel, it only had 9 miles on it! I was given the beautiful Ruby Flare Pearl color, a bright and cheerful, yet stylish red that was very on brand for Dallas Love List.

The car is sporty, because it's a crossover, but soft and stylish. The C-HR brand aligns with the fashionable trendsetter. The gal or guy who takes risks and oozes creativity. It was a privilege to get to learn more about the car and drive it around for a full week.

I've driven Toyotas in the past, and like the others, this one had all of the bells and whistles. It monitors your blindspot (which I now cannot live without in a car), alerts you with safety features like when you're crossing a lane without using your turn signals (ahem, Dallas drivers, ahem) and includes a beautiful navigation screen with bluetooth so I could jam to my favorite tunes.

Ok, enough chatting about it, let's drive it! We were off to Buffalo exchange to get a new outfit, followed by the coolest activation - we were going to learn to spray paint at Deep Ellum Art Co.

This was my first time at the Deep Ellum Art Co., color me impressed (see what I did there?!?!)

Such a fun spot to hang out, have a beer and listen to some live music or, in today's case, spray paint a mural!

We got to spray paint the car we were driving, the C-HR! So cool!

What do you think of our end product, everyone in our group got to do a little design. Although I love color, I'm not very artsy, so I'll leave you guessing which section of the car was mine!

We finished the evening with two final stops.

We split into groups to try and escape "A Room with a Clue" in Deep Ellum. This was an experience. We had the theatre room, and we had to try and find the key to escape via a series of clues. I'll be honest y'all - THIS WAS SO HARD. We DID NOT escape, but we sure had fun trying. In fact, I'm pretty impressed that we made it even halfway through the clues, not too shabby if you ask me.

Finally, we made our way over to one of my personal favorite bars, Truth and Alibi. T&A is a bar that looks like a candy shop, but when you say the secret password (found on Facebook) they open up a wall and it leads you into a beautiful bar with awesome early 2000s rap and pop playing all night long.

We danced the night away with our new friends in the group, what a blast! Who knew I'd be so good at #MakingMischief with Toyota!

Thank you so much to Toyota for a night of fun in this sporty, yet fashionable brand new C-HR! If you're in the market for a new car that will turn heads when you drive by, this is your go-to! Plus, the features that come standard on this crossover will blow you away.

Read more about the C-HR HERE!

Read more about Toyota (p.s. they're HQ in DFW now in case you've been living under a rock and didn't know that 😉) click HERE!

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