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Updated: Apr 15, 2020

Picture this, it's Thursday night, you've been working yourself to death at your 9-5 and all you want to do is celebrate Friday-eve with your friends. Sitting at home and watching Netflix after being cooped up all week sounds less than appealing. Thursday is my favorite night to get out of the house and get the weekend party started.

WHAT SHOULD YOU GO DO THOUGH? BOOM 👉 I have your newest Dallas obsession: INWEGO. INWEGO is monthly event membership that gets you tickets topro sports games, big name concerts, and even food and wine festivals in Dallas. Get this, come Cowboys season, they'll even offer some of the home games on the app. When Mavs are at home - you can get tickets to that. What if you're craving a hot dog and it just so happens to be $1 hot dog night at the Rangers game? Check INWEGO, they more than likely have Rangers tickets available.

Yeah yeah yeah, this is cool and all - but how much is this going to cost me?

Y'ALL!!! They have plans starting as low as $15/month! The $15 a month plan gets you one event each month. Want more than that? There are also 3 and 5 event per month plans available!

QUESTION: What if my friends don't have INWEGO?

Not a problem - you can add guest tickets for your friends and you'll get to sit together! Guest Ticket prices vary by event. I've found, thus far, the guest tickets are still cheaper than using other ticket providers.


This past weekend my friend Susie was having a big ole Jimmy Buffett tailgate. I already had bought tickets forever ago but I had a friend in town who really wanted to go to both the tailgate and the concert. I hopped into the INWEGO app, sure enough, the Jimmy Buffett concert was an option. I sent her the ticket I already had, then used the INWEGO ticket for myself. CLUTCH.

When you get on the app, you'll see concerts like Hootie & The Blowfish, Gretchen Wilson at Billy Bob's, Wine and Cheesecake Pairing tickets, Aladdin at Music Hall at Fair Park and even Paint night!!

The possibilities are endless, but you'll only know if you signup!

Ready to get started?! Use code DLL15 for $15 off your first month!!!

Signup HERE or download the INWEGO app and join there!!

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