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Updated: May 18, 2021

This pasy holiday season we had visitors in and out of our guest bedroom for what seemed like the entire Christmas season. Our family comes to visit, friends come to stay the weekend, we host a tacky sweater party - all of which warrants house cleaning both pre and post party and weekend stay. I work full time and travel for work pretty often, this year I just didn't have the time to clean the house before family arrived. Enter the best cleaning service in Dallas, Modern Maids.

I've had them over for cleanings on multiple occasions (I live in Oak Cliff and that is very much in their coverage area) and they've done a FANTASTIC job. Bonus, Modern Maids is also dog friendly so I didn't need to take the pups to doggie daycare which saved me even more money.

You can book your appointments online HERE!

The more often you have them clean, the deeper your discount will be.

Their team is all background checked and referenced and highly rated by their customers- including by myself. I absolutely would recommend their services, hence this full post!

You can check out their coverage map HERE, and get your first appointments on the books!

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