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5 Charities that Benefit Women In Dallas-Fort Worth

Women's History Month is in full swing, and it's the perfect time to celebrate the incredible women who make this world a better place! While we are excited to feature some of our favorite women-owned businesses and shine a light on the Love List women, there are also incredible charities that continue to help support women year-round when it comes to shelter, financial resources, employment opportunities, and beyond. And, you can also make an impact on others who need a helping hand in the Dallas-Fort Worth through these 5 charities that benefit women!

Genesis Women's Shelter & Support

Women are practically superheroes with the strength that they hold themselves and give to others! And, Genesis Women's Shelter & Support roots its mission in being able to help the strong women and children who have experienced domestic violence situations by providing safety, shelter, and support for them. Genesis also works to raise awareness about domestic violence to educate others about its cause, prevalence, and impact. While you can donate to Genesis, there are also numerous volunteer opportunities available to support these women and children with residential childcare, in-office, emergency shelters, meal sponsorship programs, upcoming special events, and the Genesis Benefit Thrift Store.

Dallas Life

Photo by: Dallas LIFE

When someone asks for support, Dallas LIFE is there to help by providing a place for homeless women, men, and children to receive hope, guidance, and resources during their time of need. Dallas LIFE lends the ability to move towards recovery and self-sufficient living with its 10-month Homeless No More Program with classes that focus on women's and men's issues, budgeting, job readiness, and more to lead program participants to an independent life. However, those in need can also stop by for meals, shelter, clothing, and counseling to assist them in getting back on their feet again. Along with the option to donate, you can also volunteer to aid in meal prep and serving, classroom instructors, donation drives and sorting, office work, and more.

In My Shoes

Photo by: In My Shoes

Moms are the rockstars who make the world go round! And, In My Shoes helps the moms-to-be and new moms in the Dallas-Fort Worth area by housing homeless pregnant and parenting women prior to the birth of their children all the way through nine months after their delivery. As one of the only faith-based nonprofits in the metroplex, In My Shoes works to set these new mothers up for success by giving immediate physical needs of shelter and food, providing financial, educational, and additional resources, and lending an on-site 24/7 Residential Core Team to build a loving and supportive community. You can make a financial or material donation, as well as volunteer to help with house coverage and clean-up, babysitting, life skills training, and beyond.

Dress for Success

Dress for Success is there to help empower hardworking women on their paths towards a better future with access to professional attire to wear to interviews and employment opportunities, developmental tools towards building blocks for success, and so much more! And, although they are the leading global nonprofit employment resource for women, Dress for Success takes pride in the fact that its participants also continue to give back to their community after receiving help themselves to guide others in achieving financial and economic independence as well.

Susan G. Komen Breast Cancer Foundation

Photo by: Susan G. Komen

The fight to end breast cancer is a personal battle for many women and their loved ones. And, Susan G. Komen is the only organization that has multiple ventures in its work to end breast cancer, including research and preventative measures, public policy initiatives, community health, and global outreach. And, you can help join the fight with multiple ways to donate or get involved with the Susan G. Komen foundation to create hope for the women who are impacted.

Happy Women's History Month to all the incredible women out there!

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