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9 Things We are Most Excited To Do at the 2022 State Fair of Texas

The State Fair is nearly here! Follow along with us as we map out some of the things we just can't wait to get into at one of the biggest events of the year.

1. get a selfie with big tex

The ornate 10-foot tall boots. The thousand-gallon hat. The biggest belt buckle this side of anything. Big Tex is the iconic and welcoming voice of the State Fair, and no Fair season would be complete without a duck-lip, peace-sign selfie with the larger-than-life Texan. Especially this year, as Big Tex will be debuting some new duds for 2022. Check out his new tops below.

2. try the fried charcuterie — big tex choice award winner, best savory bite

We were all thinking it at the Big Tex Choice Award Finals. "How are they going to make this one work?" But we'll be damned — because Tami Nevins-Mayes and Josey Mayes made it work, and then some with this fried charcuterie instant classic. It was our favorite bite of the day, for sure. Fresh mozzarella, salami, and crisp green apples are chopped and tossed in olive oil, balsamic vinegar, and Italian herbs. Then the ingredients are wrapped in a wonton wrapper and fried to a golden crisp, topped with creamy goat cheese and a drizzle of hot honey.

3. a glass of wine under the wine garden umbrellas

This is perennially one of the most Instagrammable moments at the State Fair. Such a beautiful backdrop for enjoying a leisurely glass of wine amidst all the hustle and bustle.

4. corny dogs at fletcher's

Cramming a couple of Fletcher's Corny Dogs in your food hole is one of the perfect State Fair traditions. We have been known to make a bee-line to Fletcher's right upon entry to cross this State Fair rite of passage off the ole' to-do list right up front. Don't settle for an imitation corndog stand with a shorter line or to save one ticket. That is State Fair sacrilege.

5. taking a ride on the texas star

This is another time-honored State Fair of Texas tradition, and no matter how long the line to ride is, taking a ride on the Texas Star ferris wheel is worth it every time. First introduced to the State Fair in 1985, the Texas Star stands 213 feet tall and can hold 264 passengers. It is the largest ferris wheel in Texas, of course.

6. jell-o shots at the beer barn

You know you're taking the good times up a notch when you're sucking down a Jell-o shot from a makeshift injectable turkey baster at the State Fair's Beer Barn. Let loose, have fun, can't lose!

7. have a fried pepperoni pizza under the texas flags

The fried pepperoni pizza is one of the most underrated food items at the Fair year in and year out. We love it. 10/10 no notes whatsoever. With each passing year, fried fair food geniuses gift us newer and more over-the-top fried food options, but this one has become a Fair staple for us. And the perfect place to enjoy your fried slice? As you people watch while you stroll under the Texas flags, in search of your next fried delight, no doubt.

8. play games on the midway

Stock up on tickets and get those trigger fingers ready for some fun and frustration out on the Midway. You haven't really been to the State Fair until you find yourself lugging around a humongous pink teddy bear trophy for hours on end, have you? But the games are just part of the package: Midway also features more than 70 rides including the Thrillway, the Kidway, the iconic 213-ft. Texas Star Ferris wheel, the 500-ft. Top o’ Texas Tower, and the 1914 Dentzel Carousel.

9. get a delightfully insta-worthy pineapple drink

You'll have everyone asking where you got that fancy drink in a pineapple as you're strolling and sipping from this bad boy. Put it up against any of the iconic State Fair backdrops to step your Insta-game up at notch or two.

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