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Check Out Our Favorite Taco Spots In Dallas-Fort Worth

Welcome to our savory journey through the taco scene in Dallas-Fort Worth, where we unveil our favorite taco spots in town. Prepare to tantalize your taste buds as we explore the hidden gems and renowned establishments that serve up the most delectable tacos in this thriving Texan metropolis. Whether you're a local taco aficionado or a curious traveler seeking an authentic Tex-Mex experience, our curated list will lead you to the perfect taco haven. From traditional street-style tacos bursting with flavors to innovative fusions that push the boundaries of culinary creativity, join us as we embark on a flavorful adventure through Dallas-Fort Worth's taco scene.

1. Maestro Tacos

The birria deal of the day is three birria de res tacos for $13 at Maestro Tacos in Fort Worth! Pair that with a Mexican beer for less than $5 and you are livin' right, folks. Whether you're bar-hopping around West 7th or looking for a spot for great eats after a day in the Fort Worth Museum District, give Maestro's a try — you won't be sorry!

2. taco Y Vino

🚨 Folks, we have a six (6) tacos and a bottle of wine for $40 alert for the Bishop Arts District. 🚨 I repeat, this is an official six (6) tacos and a bottle of wine for $40 alert. 🚨 Do not adjust your television sets. What you are seeing is real. 🚨 This has been your six (6) tacos and a bottle of wine for $40 alert. 🚨 Seriously though, no place blurs the line between fancy and super casual like Taco Y Vino. There are fine boutique labels available, but somehow they don't leave your wallet on empty. There are unique creations happening between these four walls, for both meat-eaters and those who abstain, that imitate art both on the plate and in your mouth hole. Before you take the plunge on your six (6) tacos and a bottle of wine for $40, be sure to also try the spicy tamale bites.

3. salsa limon

Now with four Fort Worth locations and one in downtown Dallas, Salsa Limon is winning over the hearts and minds of DFW Tacoheads with their El Capitan tacos. The pickled cabbage you get on every taco at Salsa Limon is a nice touch. When paired with the protein of your choice, steaming from the griddle, the mix of savory, hot and cool all at the same time is perfect.

4. los tacoS H'S

This hole-in-the-wall taco joint in Fort Worth has $1 TACOS on Taco Tuesdays, and it is SO good! Los Tacos H's is the perfect cheap-eats quick spot to hit on your lunch break for some delicious tacos, or go before heading out for the day to indulge in a breakfast taco or two. Also be sure to try their gorditas, enchiladas and burritos.

5. jose

Here seems like as good a place as any to recommend pairing the tacos de camaron at Jose on Lovers with a nice, smoky sierra negra, made with your favorite mezcal at Jose on Lovers. It's the perfect pairing. Jose's Chef, Anastacia Quinones, was a James Beard Award semifinalist for 2022 and was named Best Chef in Texas by the same organization.

6. BirriERIA Y Taqueria Cortez

They're putting out some of the best birria in the state at this Fort Worth hidden gem. Mostly known for their food truck, Birrieria Cortez is also a dine-in restaurant with an adorable patio and DELICIOUS food. They invented something called the birria pizza here, which is really just two birria quesadillas melted together with cheese and cut into "pizza" slices. You can’t go wrong with what you order, but we do recommend bringing a friend or two to share the pizza with because IT IS A LOT.

7. las palmas

"I don’t know why ’80s New Wave music reminds me of Tex-Mex, but it does,” Pasha Heidari, co-owner of Las Palmas, told D Magazine soon after this Uptown Tex-Mex paradise swung open its doors in 2019. And that explains the Las Palmas vibe. Bright and bold colors and tastes collide with classic Tex-Mex comfort, and the brothers Heidari bring a flair for fine dining that give Las Palmas an edge. Keep the Sparkling Palomas (our favorite drink on the menu) coming, please.

8. taco vida

Discover a birria lover's paradise at Taco Vida in Haltom City, a must-visit spot for indulging in mouthwatering birria tacos and birria-infused ramen. From their Quesatacos Dorados and Quesabirria to their Birria Ramen and Birria Subs, this place offers a delightful variety of birria-based dishes that will satisfy your cravings. With prices under $13 and quick service, it's the perfect destination for a satisfying lunch or a delicious dinner outing. Treat yourself to a flavorful dining experience and savor the taste of birria at Taco Vida!

9. Taco Deli

With two locations in Dallas and two more in Plano, the greatness of Taco Deli is more accessible than ever. Trying to narrow down favorites at this place is too tough, but we do always seem to order at least one Picosito (grilled beef tenderloin, chipotle-sesame adobo, avocado, queso fresco) and one Delibeli (organic pork belly, goodflow honey tomatillo-serrano salsa, avocado, cilantro, onion) per visit.

10. guapo taco

This striking convenience store space houses one of the most handsome recent additions to the Fort Worth taco scene. Guapo Taco is another spot that serves their birria with goat meat (they also serve birria de res), so give it a try if you've only ever had birria de res at this point. And just a hot tip — if you want something other than birria or want to pair a taco or two with something else on the menu — the green chicken pozole is out of this world.

11. Mariachi's Dine-In

The birria de res at Mariachi's in Fort Worth is one of the best tacos we know of in all of DFW. And if you or your friends are looking for the best authentic vegan Mexican food, this is your spot. The Happy Hour deals here ($3 margs) are some of the best around, too. This place just has so much going for it — we love it. 10/10 no notes, Mariachi's.

12. public taco

Get two of these hot-griddled bad boys for $10 at Public Taco on Royal Lane. We are SO pumped to have Public Taco back on the Dallas scene — they've got a great little patio and it's the perfect spot for lunch — as long as you make sure to order the birria. The loaded elote is GREAT as well!

13. Cris & Jon

Holy Fusion, Batman! We HAD to include the birria tacos from Cris & Jon on this list even through the restaurant is primarily a Vietnamese street-food joint. The traditional birria gets a Vietnamese twist at Cris & Jon's. They're stuffed with short rib and mozzarella, then paired with a side of spicy and hearty “angry broth,” a Vietnamese take on the traditional Mexican chile-adobo consome. It works really well.

14. coco shrimP

Yes, you heard that right. Coco Shrimp. On a taco list. If you've never had those Coco Tacos, do yourself a favor. They're made with Coco Shrimp (of course) on a small bed of rice, fresh romaine lettuce, sweet chili sauce, and cilantro-lime dressing, encased in a fresh flour tortilla. It sounds so simple, but it is oh, so good.

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