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Here Are Some of our Favorite Spots across DFW for Crispy and Delicious Birria Tacos

Updated: Sep 26, 2022

DFW is blessed with a truly unreal taco scene — this is common knowledge. One of the latest taco crazes to delight our tastebuds has been the emergence and popularity of birria tacos, the crispy-griddled, cheesy and intensely flavorful tacos you can smell from a mile away, accompanied by that beautiful chile-adobo consome for dipping. Here are just a few of our favorite spots in town that serve some of the best birria around.

1. public taco

Get two of these hot-griddled bad boys for $10 at Public Taco on Royal Lane. We are SO pumped to have Public Taco back on the Dallas scene — they've got a great little patio and it's the perfect spot for lunch — as long as you make sure to order the birria. The loaded elote is GREAT as well!

2. birrieria aguiÑaGa

This right here is the real deal. The restaurant name literally translates to "the birria shop," so you know members of la familia Aguiñaga ply their trade with care at all four locations around Dallas. Most places default to serving birria de res (beef), but this is one of the places you can still get the more traditional birria with lamb — the choice is yours.

3. cris and jon

From the super authentic to the super innovative, the birria tacos get a Vietnamese twist at Cris & Jon's. They're stuffed with short rib and mozzarella, then paired with a side of spicy and hearty “angry broth,” a Vietnamese take on the traditional Mexican chile-adobo consome. It works really well.

4. mariachi's dine-in

The birria de res at Mariachi's in Fort Worth is one of the best tacos we know of in all of DFW. And if you or your friends are looking for the best authentic vegan Mexican food, this is your spot. The Happy Hour deals here ($3 margs) are some of the best around, too. This place just has so much going for it — we love it. 10/10 no notes, Mariachi's.

5. guapo taco

This striking convenience store space houses one of the most handsome recent additions to the Fort Worth taco scene. Guapo Taco is another spot that serves their birria with goat meat (they also serve birria de res), so give it a try if you've only ever had birria de res at this point. And just a hot tip — if you want something other than birria or want to pair a taco or two with something else on the menu — the green chicken pozole is out of this world.

6. calisience

The Scenic Bluff/Riverside area in Fort Worth is rapidly becoming known as the Metroplex's Birria Corridor, and this woman-owned heavy-hitter might just be the consome-soaked crown jewel. Jacqueline Anaya started her business just before the pandemic in a food truck behind an abandoned building in East Fort Worth and soon had cars lined up and down the block, patiently waiting for her delicious tacos, birria ramen and strawberry horchata. Now she's got a place for you to sit and stay a while.

7. hurtado barbecue

The Hurtado Barbecue Empire is expanding. It started in Arlington, then claimed territory in Little Elm and now a third location is imminent in Fort Worth. They were named a Top 50 Barbecue joint in Texas on the 2021 Texas Monthly list, so it doesn't seem fair that they should also have some of the best birria tacos in all the land, but thems the breaks. We'll live.

8. maestro tacos

The birria deal of the day is three birria de res tacos for $13 at Maestro Tacos in Fort Worth! Pair that with a Mexican beer for less than $5 and you are livin' right, folks. Whether you're bar-hopping around West 7th or looking for a spot for great eats after a day in the Fort Worth Museum District, give Maestro's a try — you won't be sorry!

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