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Here Are All the Best New Food Options at Dallas Cowboys Games

The Dallas Cowboys have stepped their food game up for the 2022 NFL football season at Arlington's AT&T Stadium. Can the same be said for their play on the field? Time will tell, but no matter what the score is, you will be able to wine and dine on a whole 'nother level at Cowboys games this year with these new concession items the Cowboys just announced.

1. ALL-NEW steak sandwich

That is one hefty beast of a steak sando, huh? Slow-roasted beef is dipped in The Cowboys' signature Au Jus and piled on a toasted bun with arugula, provolone cheese, creamy horseradish sauce and caramelized onions. It's great for sharing, but also great for refusing to share. Get it at Main Clubs and all Hall of Fame stands within AT&T Stadium.

2. lobster mac-n-cheese

No, you have not been mysteriously transported to a New England Patriots game — all is well, you are still safe within the confines of The Death Star in Arlington, Texas. You have, however, found yourself smart enough to order one of the tastiest new stadium treats at JerryWorld, the Lobster Mac. America's Team has elevated their Famous Cowboys Mac-N-Cheese with chunks of garlic-butter-poached lobster finished the whole thing off with fresh parsley. Find it at AT&T Stadium's Main Clubs.

3. the torta

Say what you will about Jerry Jones the General Manager, the man knows how to slang, market and upsell an experience — and this torta is a full-on experience, man. A soft Bolillo Bun is layered with fresh refried beans, your choice of house made salsa chicken, barbacoa or pastor pork, then topped with queso fresco, lettuce, tomato, red onion, and guacamole. You can eat all your gameday feelings with one of these. Find this delicacy at Vaqueros Stands in sections 204, 229, 416 and 446.

4. fried mozzarella burger

Behold, the wanton decadence of a dish that could only be served at AT&T Stadium (or the State Fair of Texas, maybe), the Fried Mozzarella Burger! A fresh brioche bun is piled high with fried mozzarella sticks, the Cowboys' delicious house-made marinara sauce, an angus burger patty and pepper jack cheese. It's cheesy heaven — or a heart attack, whichever comes first — on earth! Find these bad boys at the North and South Silver Clubs.

5. mozzarella sticks

Wait, hold on. You mean to tell us that before the 2022 season you couldn't find fried cheese in stick form ANYWHERE within AT&T Stadium? Apparently not, but the Cowboys have rectified that glaring omission this year. Served with house-made marinara, you can find these gameday munchies at Crisp stands in sections 218, 243, 409 and 439 and at the Silver North and South Clubs.

6. mango habaNero chicken sandwich

This is a great spicy-sweet addition to the Cowboys 2022 season menu. Lovely, really, until the gooey translucent sauce ends up on your shirt. You've been warned. Juicy fried chicken is tossed in the Cowboys' signature mango-habanero sauce then topped with fresh, house-made pineapple slaw for a sweet finish after the hot habanero of it all. You can find them at Crisp stands in sections 218, 243, 409 and 439.

7. The muffuletta

Again, rest assured you are still safe within the confines of AT&T Stadium — you have not been portalled to New Orleans — but Jerry has brought a taste of New Orleans to you with this awesome new sandwich option. It starts with fresh focaccia bread topped with house-made olive salad and continues with layers (and layers and layers) of capicola, mortadella, ham, salami, provolone and mozzarella cheeses. Find it at the Main Clubs inside AT&T Stadium.

8. Fried Flamin' Hot cheetohs mac-n-cheese

It's funny that the Cowboys' new food press release didn't mention this one, but it's certainly new to us, so let us know if you've ever seen this one at JerryWorld or if you know where in the stadium to get it! It looks BOMB, for sure, so keep your eyes peeled for this and any other Flamin' Hot concession options this year!

9. Flamin' Hot cheddar jalapeÑo Popcorn

Speaking of Flamin' Hot Death Star dining options, here's another one to be on the lookout for, because we're not sure where exactly in the stadium this one will show up on gamedays. But after shoveling SEVERAL hand-fulls down our gullets at the press event, we're pretty sure they put crack in it.

10. trompo tacos

We're not exactly ready to call them authentic, but look. Jerry's certainly making an effort here, and they are good tacos. They are certainly better than most stadium tacos — you're not going to be disappointed is what we're saying. No clue where to find 'em, so ask around if you're interested. Now, keep reading for an introduction to the new plant-based dining options the Cowboys have in store for fans this season.

these new plant-based food options are totally based 😎

11. the awesome plant-based burger

Check out this hearty plant-based burger served on a fresh brioche bun with lettuce, tomato, grilled onion and chipotle aioli at the plant-based/vegetarian carts located in sections U411 and U441.

12. buffalo chick'n nachos

These bad boys certainly look — and taste — the part. Blue corn tortilla chips are topped with all natural jalapeño jack queso and Sweet Earth’s plant-based chicken tossed in buffalo sauce. It's all finished off with pickled jalapeños. Once again, you can find them at the plant-based/vegetarian carts located in sections U411 and U441.

13. touchdown tots

Touchdown tots for the win! Crispy tots are drizzled with all-natural jalapeño jack cheese, guacamole, sour cream then topped with Sweet Earth’s plant-based chicken tossed in Cholula Sauce, and it's all finished off with fresh pico de gallo and lime. Find them where? You guessed it, at the plant-based/vegetarian carts located in sections U411 and U441.

Add them all To The Love List ✨🤩✨ and GO COWBOYS!!!


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