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Hidden Gems: The Best Speakeasies in Dallas-Fort Worth

Come with us on a clandestine journey through the vibrant nightlife of Dallas-Fort Worth as we let you in on some of DFW's best-kept secrets — the speakeasies! Tucked away behind unassuming facades, these hidden gems offer a portal to a bygone era, where the ambiance is as carefully curated as the cocktails. Get ready to step into a world of mystery and refinement as we reveal the key to unlocking the best speakeasies in the DFW Metroplex!

1. Dirty Laundry

The owners of Dirty Laundry are wild for this one. The storefront in Fort Worth's WEst 7th District makes this place looks like a common laundromat, and they had us fooled until the wall of washing machines opened up! Finding the correct machine to open to get into the bar is the hardest part, so we will let you figure that out yourself! They have amazing cocktails and an even more amazing staff once you get situated!

2. The Wilfred

Hidden behind the Sea Breeze Fish Market in Plano lies this charming little secret space they call The Wilfred. They do a great job of blending Prohibition-era vibes with contemporary cocktails and aesthetics! It's perfect for those seeking a unique experience and a taste of the past in a contemporary setting.

3. Red Phone Booth

If you're a whiskey lover or enjoy a fine cigar from time to time, Red Phone Booth in Grandscape is the place for you. To get in you either have to be a member, know a member or ask one of the surrounding businesses for the Red Phone Booth phone number. They may or may not be able to help you. With exposed brick walls, smokey cocktails, and shiny leather couches to gather around, this is a spot you’ll be hanging out at all night long. They offer cocktails, light bites, cigars from their humid and temperature-controlled cigar room, and a supremely comfortable environment.

4. Truth & Alibi

At this point, for locals at least, the Deep Ellum Candy Store facade isn't fooling anyone anymore. But Truth & Alibi is still one of the liveliest stops on any Deep Ellum bar crawl, and the Dallas Love List team salutes them for their staying power (and their SLAYING power)! Get the nightly password on their Facebook page, and prepare for fun times ahead.

5. Blackbird Society

Located inside Deep Ellum's Neon Kitten, Blackbird Society is a unique craft cocktail experience that will keep you coming back for more! Look behind the right bookshelf and you'll find the intimate, Japanese-themed hangout we absolutely adore. Word to the wise — make reservations before you go looking for it, hotshot.

6. Thompson's Bookstore

Thompson's Bookstore in Downtown Fort Worth transports you back in time with the unique stories that each of the building's four floors tell! While Thompson’s Bookstore has gone through MANY changes from the prohibition era, this refurbishment might be its biggest yet! Now, you can access all four stories of the building with a bookstore, speakeasy, event space, and premium cigar lounge to explore. Plus, the bars featured on each level even have their own specialty cocktails, on top of the regular menu!

7. The Amber Room at Wishbone & Flynt

Wishbone and Flynt is the Southside Fort Worth lunch spot that locals love best. The Amber Room is their best kept secret. Tucked away inside Wishbone and Flynt, this speakeasy has two entrances — a large golden door within the restaurant, and an unmarked door on Bryan Avenue.

8. Curfew

Tucked away inside a Downtown Fort Worth basement, Curfew is your stop for everything from a late-night session on the dance floor to getting your fortune told by the animatronic Zoltar. Plus, there are plenty of holiday decorations around the Curfew Bar to get you into the festive spirit, along with a holiday menu you can’t miss!

9. Rare Books Bar

Rare Books Bar is the secret speakeasy hidden behind a phone booth in Frisco’s acclaimed J. Theodore restaurant. Wondering the secret to gain entry? You didn’t hear this from us, but creep their Insta captions to find the most recent code, dial the librarian and cross your fingers! Entry is first come, first served, so don't dawdle!

10. Akai

Akai is an exclusive Japanese-inspired speakeasy and cocktail lounge tucked away deep in the heart of the Hall Arts District. They've got you covered with both artful cocktails and an electric nightlife experience like nothing else in Dallas! Get your bottle service and dance the night away!

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