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Updated: May 18, 2021

It is our duty right now to save our local restaurants her in Dallas during this COVID-19 pandemic. I'm hearing about wild lines at big brand fast food places and I'm here to suggest some local Dallas restaurant alternatives that are offering take out, delivery and/or curbside pickup options.


as in most restaurants are just saying to honk and they'll come to you 🤯 Some restaurants have this whole contact-free thing down to a science. Save the fast food runs for when this is over, let's all support our local Dallas restaurants right now!

Here are my favorite places to get tacos and tex mex in Dallas that are still open during COVID-19.

If you are craving Taco Bell, instead try....

Insta 📸 @TacoDeli

📍 Sylvan 30 + 📍The Hill. Order online.

🖥 EBar

Insta 📸 @Ebartexmex

📍 Haskell Ave. Order Online

🌮 Taqueria el si hay - walk up window, although this place is normally super packed, so be responsible.

📍 Deep Ellum. Call to order 214-741-1901

📍 Deep Ellum. Call to order 214-272-7163

Insta 📸 @ElVecinotexmex

📍 East Dallas. Call to order 469-802-6060

Insta 📸 @rafascafedfw

📍 Lovers Lane. Call to order 214-357-2080

📍5 DFW locations. Call to order based on location

Insta 📸 @Oakclifftrompo

📍Bishop Arts. Order online

Insta 📸 @Ruinsdeepellum

📍Deep Ellum. Call to order 972-707-0607

Insta 📸 @SalsaLimon

📍Downtown. Order online (get the El Capitan and add 🥑 ugh so good)

Insta 📸 @Tacoyvino

📍Bishop Arts. Call to order 469-372-0022

Insta 📸 @Mattitostexmex

📍Uptown, North Dallas . Order online

🖥 Chuy's

Insta 📸 @chuysrestaurant

📍Several Dallas locations. Order online.

Insta 📸 @LasPalmasDallas

📍Uptown. Call to order 972-863-7900


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