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Updated: May 15, 2021

Ok so you've read my first post on where to eat and drink in Shreveport-Bossier, so now how about where should you stay when you visit? I absolutely LOVE Horseshoe casino. It is truly a place where you can go for a weekend and never even need to leave the property. Bonus though, there are tons of great restaurants and bars just a short walk away if you want to stretch your legs. Here are six reasons I think you should stay at Horseshoe in Bossier City.

1.HOTEL + CASINO safety

If you're reading this and COVID has been cured, well first of all HELLO FROM THE OTHER SIDEEEEEE *Adele voice* But if it is still 2020 then it only makes sense to discuss safety protocols at the hotel right off the bat, because that is what we all want to learn right now.

Masks are MANDATORY. And this is strictly enforced. No mask, no entry. Period end of story. Even when you're gambling, a mask must be worn.

So much so that while you're gambling and you have a drink in your hand, you must remove your mask, take a sip, and immediately put the mask back on. Personally I loved this because it made me feel so much safer while playing blackjack with people who haven't been my quarantine buddy.

Table Games // I saw the team physically washing the chips in massive buckets for guest safety. Also, there is a limit of only 3 people allowed per blackjack table. Only 6 people at a craps table.

Slots // Slot machines have been arranged for social distancing with hand sanitizer available near by on all games. Additionally, machines are being disinfected throughout the day.

In the hotel room // First of all, at check in, the front desk team members were wiping down the check in area after every guest they spoke with. Super impressive protocols there. Plus each room was sealed with tape so you know the last person to enter disinfected your space thoroughly.

The team really did an exceptional job to make me feel safe when visiting.

2.Free drinks when gambling

This is for sure not the case for all casinos drivable from Dallas, but one reason I love visiting Shreveport-Bossier is because you drink for free when you're gambling 🍻 YES PLEASE!

It is also important to note that there is no "ante" when you're playing table games. For example, some casinos charge a fee to play each hand. The house keeps that regardless of if you win, lose or push. That isn't a thing in Shreveport-Bossier.

3.their breakfast in bed

If Horseshoe has anything figured out it is how to make one amazing breakfast in bed spread. And that is a good thing because I often stay up later than I care to admit on the black jack table! Breakfast in bed is always a necessity after a long night.

4.DARE pool

Ugh, this pool is so great. It's a Las Vegas style party pool, that obviously has been taken down a notch on the party factor with COVID. Normally outside guests can buy a day pass and come and it's just the most fun dance party.

While I was there though, I was very appreciative that it was limited to hotel guests only! This was wild, but our cabana even had its own private pool. I can get used to that kind of social distancing luxury!

See, that pool right in the front is our own private pool!! Call the hotel to request that cabana on your visit.

Even without the crowds, the music was great and created a super fun dance party vibe. I can't wait to go back when we've kicked COVID to the curb and see what a Saturday is like at DARE!

Which leads me to my next thought.... their insane cocktails...

5.insta-worthy pool cocktails

Oh you have an instagram page that needs a pretty cocktail posted to it? NP, I have just the place.

DARE pool has the coolest, most instagrammable fruity cocktail lineup I personally have seen in quite some time. They have a ton of flavors. Just ask them to make you something pretty piled high with candy and you'll have one magnificent concoction ready to blow up your Instagram feed.

6.Caesars Rewards

As a veteran gambler, I know the importance of using your rewards card. People who don't signup and play with a rewards card - you're throwing free things down the drain like free food and free stays.

Slot machines have given me the most success on getting free room nights, but don't hesitate to throw your rewards card down if you're playing table games too.

Caesars is easily one of the biggest reward programs out there, and I've stayed free at Harrah's Kansas City, Harrah's New Orleans and Harrah's Atlantic City just because they wanted me to come gamble.

And before you ask, NO I AM NOT A HIGH ROLLER. I usually go looking to play around $300... TOTAL! And still am able to get free nights from that!

The average Joe can get free stays from using your rewards card, so don't skip signing up on your next Caesars brand casino visit! For reference, that includes Harrah's, Horseshoe, El Dorado and a ton of additional properties in Vegas.

Ok so I hope I've convinced you to book a stay at Horseshoe on your next visit to Shreveport-Bossier.

Oh and in case you missed it, if you need some inspiration on where to eat and drink, and things to do while visiting - check out my guide to Shreveport-Bossier HERE!

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Terry Bryant
Terry Bryant
Nov 22, 2023

Reading this article convinces me NOT to EVER go here. The mask mandate alone is ridiculous. Thanks for convincing me to go the Margaritaville route.

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