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The Most Gram-Worthy Dessert Shops in Dallas and Fort Worth

Indulge your sweet tooth and elevate your Instagram game with a delectable journey through the picturesque dessert scene in Dallas-Fort Worth! We'll be your virtual tour guides, uncovering the most Instagrammable dessert shops that not only serve up delightfully sweet treats but also provide the perfect backdrop for your social media feed. From whimsical pastel palettes to artisanal creations that are almost too beautiful to eat, let's explore the prettiest dessert destinations that will have your followers craving more. Say goodbye to FOMO and hello to a world of delectable delights in the heart of North Texas!


1. Aqua S

They are transforming soft serve into works of art at Aqua S in Victory Park! Primarily known for their signature flavor, sea salt, Aqua S turns the sweet and salty soft-serve aqua blue for an instantly Gram-worthy dessert. Other unique flavors include rose, Thai tea, crême brûlée, Jasmine milk tea, matcha, Pandan, and taro. There are also more classic flavors such as Belgian chocolate, strawberry, and lemon cheesecake. Swirl two flavors together to make your own sweet work of art!

2. PIÑA Loco FruteriA

The over-the-top, authentic Mexican munchies at Lakewood's Piña Loca has something to cure your sweet tooth and feed your followers at the same time! This hidden gem has absolutely larger-than-life sweets and drinks to satisfy your cravings and send your social feed into a frenzy. We like to call it Willy Wonka's, but spicy. When we say nothing is off-limits, we mean it. Whether it’s a smoothie garnished with candies and a pink sombrero, a boozy milkshake, or funnel cake that puts fair food to shame - this spot truly pushes the limits of desserts we know and love. We love their Mangonada XL, the caramel churros, the banana-pudding funnel cake and the Manzana Loca!

3. Churroland

The hot, made-to-order churro options are only limited by your imagination at Churroland in Garland! We are over the moon for their over-the-top desserts! Choose your churro, ice cream, toppings, and finishing drizzle to create the perfect dessert! All desserts are served hot with cold ice cream on top! We highly recommend the churro sandwich and the churro ice cream cone! They were both such a treat!

4. Alky THerapy

In true Love List fashion, we found arguably the cutest frozen daiquiris in Dallas, and they taste just as good as they look! Take your daiquiris to the next level at this Knox Street gem! Alky Therapy offers over-the-top daiquiris with candy on top to satisfy your sweet tooth, but they're also incredibly gorgeous! Plus, they offer other fun boozy treats, like cupcakes, popcorn, bundt cakes, gummy bears, and more.

5. Surreal Creamery

Did you know you can build your own unique ice cream jar masterpiece at Surreal Creamery in the Park Cities? It's so much fun, and tasty as all get out! Their over-the-top ice cream Mason Jars start with some of the most decadent soft serve we've ever been soft served, including flavors you may not have ever seen before like Matcha, Taro, Earl Grey and Monster Cookie. Then you choose your additional toppings to create your own treat, or you can try one of their signature flavors!

6. Beth Marie's Old-Fashioned Ice Cream

This iconic ice cream shop on the Denton Square feels like your childhood as soon as you step inside. A visit to Beth Marie's will feed your sense of nostalgia as much as it does your sweet tooth. You can grab a scoop of your favorite flavor or go all the way and try their iconic ice cream dessert! When you order the Extreme Sundae, you're in for up to eight ice cream flavors and eight toppings to create the ultimate ice cream sundae! This dessert costs $34, but it’s shareable and a great way to try a few flavors at once!

7. Picole Pops

Give in to your sweetest and most decadent fantasies, then add alcohol to the mix, and you're partying the Picolé way. This Brazilian paleta spot with locations in the Bishop Arts District and in Deep Ellum offers three types of frozen treats: fruity, creamy or filled. But the piece de resistance is the dipped, topped and filled variety. Encrust the strawberry-cheesecake paleta with dark chocolate and coconut flakes. Or the incredibly creamy Nutella-filled banana with pistachios. Go nuts 😋.

8. Miruku Creamery

Your home for the most over-the-top sundaes in McKinney is Miruku Creamery, and it just isn't close! They're bringing flavors from Texas, Japan and France to one of the most unique ice cream-based menus in DFW! Miruku sources its products locally and internationally to make bold sets of flavors that are inspired by eastern and western cultures. But, each item you’ll find is made in-house with rotating options on the menu! grab your besties for an ice cream date, pick a few things off the menu, and taste a little bit of what the world of Miruku has to offer!

Fort Worth

1. Churro on Top

Arlington's Churro On Top has fantastically over-the-top churro sundae creations in more than 20 flavors, and we are HERE for it! Every visit is so outrageously fun, and the best part is the first bite! While you can also snag any of their numerous specialty churros on the menu, we were ALL ABOUT the menu filled with over 20 milkshakes with themed toppings and flavors! Some of our faves included cotton candy, cookie muncher, toasted s'mores unicorn magic and mermaid potion!

2. IceBox Creamery

Maybe the most affordable option in the over-the-top sundae game is at Fort Worth's Icebox Creamery! They're great about providing the sweetest service alongside their even sweeter desserts! You can build your own ice cream sundae here or try one of their loaded signature sundaes! Here, small sundaes start at $5.50 and an XL Texas-sized dessert is $10! It’s perfect if you just want a small sweet treat, or have a few littles who refuse to share!

3. Chip'D Cookie Nachos

This unique dessert shop has put a sweet twist on nachos that is so good, you HAVE to make plans to try them ASAP! The minute you step into Chip'd for the first time, you get a whif of nostalgia with the smell of homemade cookies baking! But, these aren’t your regular run-of-the-mill cookies, since these bite size treats make up some of the most unique (and tasty) desserts we’ve seen around DFW! A base of chip’d or unchip’d cookie bites are piled up with toppings like whipped cream, chocolate and peanut butter sauce, candy, fruit preserves, and MORE for the ultimate treat!

4. Leo's Churros

The churros and churro sundaes you get from the Leo's churros truck are FAR from your everyday churros. With insane and over-the-top churro sundaes, the cutest patio to enjoy them on and flavor combos that will leave you ready to come back for another — this is a spot you’ll want to enjoy on a sunshine-y day like today! We recommend the Fruity Pebbles or cookies & cream, but you can go wrong with the Cinnamon Toast Crunch or Nutty Nutella, either.

5. Sweetzy's Snowcones

The loaded snow cones you'll get at Sweetzy's are as creative and colorful as you can dream up, and we love that for us! They are also next door to the coolest Dolly Parton mural for your snow cone Gram-session!

Add them all to The Love List!✨🍧🧁


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