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Our Favorite Ice Cream Shops around Dallas

We're rounding up some of our favorite ice cream spots around Dallas so you can enjoy a taste of summer for a little bit longer! Whether you are looking for a classic scoop in a cup, a cone or you want to be more adventurous, we know all the hot spots. So grab a spoon and get ready to dive in because we've got the scoop on the tastiest ice cream shops in town!

1. aqua s

They are transforming soft serve into works of art at Aqua S in Victory Park! Primarily known for their signature flavor, sea salt, Aqua S turns the sweet and salty soft-serve aqua blue for an instantly Gram-worthy dessert. Other unique flavors include rose, Thai tea, crême brûlée, Jasmine milk tea, matcha, Pandan, and taro. There are also more classic flavors such as Belgian chocolate, strawberry, and lemon cheesecake. Swirl two flavors together to make your own sweet work of art!

2. buzzed bull creamery

We visited the McKinney location of Buzzed Bull in 2021, which is apparently temporarily closed as of September 2023. But the good news is, they also have a location in Grapevine! We love their boozy, alcohol-infused ice cream treats! Think chocolate vodka, apple pie moonshine, bourbon, cinnamon whiskey, tequila and everything in between. We went for the Death by Chocolate which has chocolate, brownies, chocolate chips, chocolate sauce and CHOCOLATE VODKA, which we could not recommend more.

3. cocktail creamery

They've got more than 100 boozy ice cream flavors at Cocktail Creamery in McKinney, and we are here for them all! Try the Butter Bourbon Pecantor, the Double Dark Goodnight Chocolate, the Cream O’ Whiskey and the Irish Coffee Buzz Buzz are just a few of the flavors we’ll be coming back for as soon as possible.

4. Henry's Homemade Ice Cream

They've got the most creative selection of flavored cones at Henry's Homemade in Plano! Try a pretzel flavored or decadent chocolate chip cone on your next trip. Aside from the retail end, which was positively BOOMING on our last visit, Henry's also manufactures and supplies gourmet, handmade, all natural super-premium ice cream and toppings for caterers, restaurants, hotels and parties.

5. Pure Milk & Honey

They make some of the most fantastic ice cream creations at Pure Milk and Honey in Mockingbird Station. They also concoct some of the most refreshing and delicious beverages in their summer drink lineup. But perhaps the best part of it all? It's relatively healthy, as they only use honey from southern Dallas' Bonton Farms to sweeten their ice creams, rather than refined sugars. They use certified organic milk as well, so feel good about your next visit!

6. scoop & Buns

One of the most unique dessert shops in DFW is in Garland, and Scoop & Buns is easily good enough to warrant its own trip from wherever you're reading this. They've got amazing ice cream options for sure, but they also serve puddings, boozy drinks and a host of rotating seasonal delights. We absolutely loved The Ice Cream Donut Sandwich and the Peach Cobbler Pudding!

7. surreal creamery

Did you know you can build your own unique ice cream jar masterpiece at Surreal Creamery in the Park Cities? It's so much fun, and tasty as all get out! Their over-the-top ice cream Mason Jars start with some of the most decadent soft serve we've ever been soft served, including flavors you may not have ever seen before like Matcha, Taro, Earl Grey and Monster Cookie. Then you choose your additional toppings to create your own treat, or you can try one of their signature flavors!

8. Zero Gradi

Zero Gradi in the Arts District is the perfect place to stop for some gelato when you're Downtown. The combination gelateria and coffee shop makes some really awesome pastries, too! The espresso and gelato will transport you to the Amalfi Coast, and the space is SUCH a vibe! They've got 20-plus flavors of gelato on the menu and two, count 'em two, chocolate fountains (one milk chocolate and one white chocolate).


Baldos, the place where they serve just about every flavor but vanilla. This cute ice cream shop creates unique flavors outside of your comfort zone to try! Not sure what flavor to choose? Opt in for one of their flights and try them all or share with a friend!

10. JENI'S

A personal favorite over here at Dallas Love List. Jeni's has some of the richest and creamiest ice cream EVER. If you check the ingredients you'll notice they don't include synthetic flavorings, dyes, or off-the-shelf mixes! (Does that make it healthy? Asking for a friend..)We recommend the Gooey Butter Cake, Brambleberry crisp or Almond Brittle, but really you can't go wrong.

11. MELT

You've probably noticed Melt because of its bright yellow exterior. It's the epitome of a happy ice cream shop. Their motto is also the cherry on top of some good icecream: "We believe treats can change your day and your day can change the world." How is that for a good reason to treat yourself to ice cream?


What's better than ice cream? Ice cream between 2 fresh cookies for the ultimate ice cream cookie sandwich! Pokey O's makes their own cookies and pairs them with a Texas favorite, Bluebell ice cream, a combination we all need.


If you are looking for a full ice cream experience then head to Creamistry to watch your ice cream come to life with liquid nitrogen! Rather than churning ice cream like normal, Creamistry uses liquid nitrogen to INSTANTLY freeze it. You can watch the dry ice type illusion take over the room while your ice cream is made!


Top with cereal or get your ice cream in a donut sandwich at Milk n Cream! This little shop has so many different ways to enjoy your ice cream and some of the most fun toppings like Froot Loops, Fruity Pebbles or Lucky Charms!


Richardson this one's for you! Sweet Firefly has handcrafted ice cream that you can get by the pint or as a cake! Plus they have so many other sweet treats to try while you're there like their popcorn, ice cream sandwich, toffee treats and more!

Add them all to The Love List!✨🍦

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Nur Hannah
Oct 17, 2022

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