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Why Thrifty Thursdays Are the Best Days at the 2022 State Fair of Texas

Taking advantage of Thrifty Thursdays at the 2022 State Fair of Texas is just one way to save big on your next trip to The Fair. The reduced ticket prices for several of the hottest food items at the fair is going on October 6, October 13 and October 20. Featured items include State Fair classics like corny dogs, cotton candy, and funnel cakes. Participating food vendors may also offer one of their signature menu items, ranging from mini versions to regular-size items. Use this list and this map to guide you through some of our favorite Thrifty Thursday items this year!

1. mini funnel cakes - 4 tickets

Get your 4-ticket mini funnel cakes at Granny's along Coliseum Drive, just west of the Top-o-Texas Tower ride! Such a classic, and at this price, why not get 2?

2. pineapple whip cone - 3 tickets

For one of the most refreshing cool-down treats at the Fair, head over to the Pineapple Man Stand at the Cotton Bowl Plaza. They're just 3 tickets! The Pineapple man stand is where you can also find delicacies like the Pineapple Drink, a rum punch poured into a hollowed-out pineapple, at regular price.

3. fried oreos - 5 tickets

Two ooey-gooified fried Oreos cookies with a liberal dose of powdered sugar applied. Fried Fair sweets at their finest for just 5 tickets. Find them over by the Funway, north of the Midway, at Barrera's.

4. snack-sized bacon cheddar ranch fries - 5 tickets

Your Fair day is not complete without at least one order of fries with a gooey mess on top! Stop by the Gulf Coast Grill along First Avenue, just north of the Swan pond for some classic cheese fries on the cheap!

5. deep fried reeSe's with vanilla blue bell - 6 tickets

This one is SUCH a winner. Stop by Smokey John's along the Funway for this incredible combo platter of sweet-fried goodness. At just 6 tickets, Thrifty Thursday makes this treat much more reasonable than any other day at the State Fair.

6. flamin hot cheeto nachos - 4 tickets

It's amazing what a simple blanket of liquified cheese does for a serving of Flamin' Hot Cheetos. Get 'em for just 4 tickets at Velasquez Concession stands throughout Fair Park on Thursdays.

7. 2 pounds of loaded queso fries - 6 tickets

More fries, anyone? For just 6 tickets, you can get a 2-pound order of loaded queso fries at The Spicy Hut in the Grand Avenue area, just south of Big Tex.

8. rainbow brite candied pickle sundae - 6 tickets

Get adventurous and try one of these inside the Tower Building food court at the Candy Pickle stand. It's much better than the name implies — give it a try if you're really going out of the way to try the weirdest possible Fair food.

9. candy nachos - 6 coupons

Yes, those are potato chips. Yes those are candy toppings and chocolate sauce on top. And yes, you won't find this heart attack on a place anywhere other than the 2022 State Fair of Texas, specifically at Tony's Taco Shop in the Grand Avenue area, just south of Big Tex.

10. quesabirria - 8 tickets

At the other Tony's Tacos location, inside the Tower Building, feast on this 10-inch quesabirria, which is birria-style cooked beef, folded into a tortilla with melted cheese and served with conome for dipping.

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