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✨ M E E T T H E T E A M ✨


Hi friends, I’m Sarah and I founded what I personally think is one of the coolest brands in Texas, Love List! What started in June 2016 as a passion project for tasty cocktails and eating out has blossomed into a full-fledge business employing 6 of us full time and a few part time! We now have pages in both Dallas and Fort Worth, an Airbnb called Stay Love List, and a social media agency, Studio Love List! Nothing is the same from one day to the next in my world, and I truly am obsessed with what I get to do for a living. My favorite days are content shoot days spent with the team! When I’m not working, I’m probably still “working” (if you can call it that) by hustling for content by visiting a local brewery, hunting down the perfect blue cheese stuffed olive or exploring and photographing my new home of Fort Worth, Texas! And before this blurb is over, this Tennessee Grad just wants to say… GO VOLS!


I am Drew and I am the business operations manager for the Love List line of brands. I was born and raised in Arlington Texas. I moved to Dallas in 2014 when I met my now Wife Sarah who created Dallas Love List. We recently moved to Fort Worth and are loving trying out new things on the West side of the metroplex!

My role in the Love List line of brands is mostly backend items. I oversee the bookkeeping, payroll and invoicing. I also work to play a major role in the expansion of our company and trying to improve our day to day operations. I look forward to continuing to help grow the Love List brands and am very excited for our upcoming launch of Stay Love List!.

On a Friday or Saturday night you can find Sarah and I out and about getting dinner at a new restaurant or stopping in for drinks at a new spot. We are always chasing content for the Love List pages, and that is a job that never quits!


Hi! I’m Brittany and I’m a Social Media and Marketing Manager here at Dallas Love List and Studio Love List! I moved to Dallas for a corporate job after graduating from the University of Alabama in 2019. I’ve always been a creative and have had a passion for all things social media so when I joined the City Love List team in 2021, I truly believe I landed my dream job!

On the DLL side of things I help with content creation for both local businesses and brand campaigns. I love planning content days, taking photos, curating the Instagram feed and all the perks that come along with it (like alottttt of free food! ;) On the Studio Love List side I am the main point of contact and act as a liaison between our team and our clients. From weekly calls to discuss social goals and monthly talking points to helping our team better understand what our clients are looking for in their feeds.

Outside of work you can most likely find me sipping on a spicy margarita, planning my next trip, hanging out with my friends at Katy Trail Ice House or at home in the bubble bath with a glass of red wine and my kindle. Because it’s all about ~balance~.


Hi! I'm Kate and I'm the Social Media Coordinator for Dallas Love List and Studio Love List! I graduated from Oklahoma State University in May of 2021 with a degree in Public Relations and Marketing, and shortly after, in August, I joined Team Love List aka my ✨dream✨ job!

On the DLL side of things, I help with shoots, content creation and caption writing for local businesses and the occasional campaign on our TikTok and Instagram pages. On the SLL side of things I am responsible for curating client content calendars and planning out their instagram feeds.

When I'm not on the job, you can find me hanging out with the girls with an iced coffee in hand, going on a hot girl walk, or chilling at home satisfying my sweet tooth with a tub of ice cream (fun fact: the way to my heart is dessert ;).


My name’s Alyssa and I joined the DLL team in September 2021! After earning my master’s degree in PR & Advertising, landing a job at a corporate PR firm, and uprooting my life from Chicago to Texas - I quickly found that I was not feeling fulfilled creatively. Just like fate, this opportunity presented itself to me and it is everything I was looking for and more!

For Studio Love List, I specifically manage influencer relations for our clients which means I do everything from vetting out influencers that I believe would be a fit for each of our brands, building relationships with said influencers, and coordinating their partnerships with our clients from start to finish, doing everything from creating deliverable requirements, to writing their contracts, and serving as the influencers’ point of contact throughout the duration of the partnership. You can also occasionally catch my hand posing on the Dallas Love List page where I help create content and write captions for both local coverage and brand partnerships.

When I’m not aggressively brainstorming puns to include in my captions or taking drink in the air pictures, you can find me doing absolutely nothing at home with my boyfriend and our dog Biscuit, curling up with a book and a glass of wine, or binging ALL the trash reality tv shows (90 day fiancé, married at first sight, love is blind, etc.)


Hi! I'm Cori and I joined Team Love List as a Content Manager in November of 2021! I'm originally from Michigan, but moved to Dallas from Chicago after spending many years there as a freelance social media manager and a TV Reporter before that.

On the DLL side of things I am responsible for content creation for both local businesses and brand campaigns on our TikTok pages. On the Studio Love List side I am the main point of contact and act as a liaison between our team and our clients. From weekly calls to discuss social goals and bi-weekly talking points (depending on the client) to helping our coordinators know how to plan the next calendar to meet each client's needs.

A little fun fact about me is that I love to play music, and I am currently into the Ukulele!


A good bourbon, bold cap & a strong IPA. Hi, my name is Kayla! I joined the team in January of 2022 as a photographer for Dallas Love List and Studio Love List.

I'm here to learn and grow with each opportunity while building our brand as well as my own. I work with all of our clients as well as companies over the country to generate dynamic and unique imagery for them. I am always on the hunt for the next challenge!

When I'm not out and about on a photoshoot, you can find me cooking at home! I love all things cooking and I'm always on the hunt for new recipes to try (send my way if you have any)!

After all of our Love List adventures for Dallas, Fort Worth and more to come.😉 We thought it was about time we shared some of our DFW favorites from our PERSONAL Love Lists. We all have a variety of likes, loves and preferences so finding a place you love from our lists to add to yours will be no doozy!


SARAH'S PICK: Funny Library

DREW'S PICK: Halcyon

Instagram: @halcyondallas


Instagram: @shugsbagels

Website: Shug's Bagels

KATE'S PICK: Lala Land Kind Cafe

Instagram: @lalalandkindcafe


Instagram: @foxtrotmarket

Website: Foxtrot Market

CORI'S PICK: White Rhino / Iced Chai

Instagram: @whiterhinocoffee

KAYLA'S PICK: Houndstooth

Instagram: @houndstoothcoffee


SARAH'S PICK: Boulevardier

Instagram: @boulevardieroc

Website: Boulevardier

DREW'S PICK: Norma's Cafe

Instagram: @normascafe

Website: Norma's Cafe

BRITTANY'S PICK: Chelsea's Corner

KATE'S PICK: Sixty Vines

Instagram: @sixtyvines

Website: Sixty Vines


Instagram: @dreamcafedallas

Website: Dream Cafe

CORI'S PICK: Ziziki's

Instagram: @zizikis_travis

Website: Ziziki's

KAYLA'S PICK: All Good Cafe

Instagram: @allgood_cafe

Website: AllGood Cafe


SARAH'S PICK: Ascension

Instagram: @ascensioncoffee

DREW'S PICK: Monkey King Noodle Co.

Instagram: @mknoodleco


Instagram: @hgsplyco

Website: HG Sply Co

KATE'S PICK: Doce Mesas

Website: Doce Mesas

ALYSSA'S PICK: Mendocino Farms

Instagram: @mendocinofarms

Website: Mendocino Farms

CORI'S PICK: Mi Cocina

Instagram: @micocina

Website: Mi Cocina


Instagram: @eathawkers

Website: Hawkers


SARAH'S PICK: Favor the Kind

Instagram: @favorthekind

Website: Favor the Kind

DREW'S PICK: Tailwaters Fly Fishing Co.

Photo by: @tailwaters

Instagram: @tailwaters


Instagram: @mkt.stores

Website: MKT

KATE'S PICK: Kittenish

Instagram: @kittenish

Website: Kittenish

ALYSSA'S PICK: Spotted Boutique

CORI'S PICK: Talking Out of Turn

Instagram: @talkingoutofturn

KAYLA'S PICK: Jade & Clover

Instagram: @jadeandclover

Website: Jade and Clover


SARAH'S PICK: Top of Reunion Tower for the perfect Dallas gram pic

Instagram: @reuniontower

Website: Reunion Tower

DREW'S PICK: Grabbing a beer and walking around Klyde Warren Park

Instagram: @klydewarrenpark


Instagram: @putteryofficial

Website: Puttery

KATE'S PICK: Spotting the most gram worthy photo ops

ALYSSA'S PICK: Hot girl walks around Dallas

CORI'S PICK: Axe throwing / Whiskey Hatchet

Instagram: @whiskeyhatchet

Website: Whiskey Hatchet

KAYLA'S PICK: Hot yoga / OSO

Photo by: @osoclimbinggyms

Instagram: @osoclimbinggyms


SARAH'S PICK: Las Palmas

Instagram: @laspalmastexmex

DREW'S PICK: Yutaka Sushi

Instaram: @yutakasushibar


Instagram: @thehudsonhouse

Website: Hudson House

KATE'S PICK: Dahlia Bar and Bistro

Instagram: @dahliaonross


Instagram: @tedeseodal

Website: Te Deseo


Instagram: @oishiidallas

Website: Oishii Dallas

KAYLA'S PICK: Cooper's Meat Market

favorite bar/casual drink:

SARAH'S PICK: Botanist

Instagram: @botanistdallas

Website: Botanist

DREW'S PICK: Rodeo Bar at the Adolphus

Instagram: @rodeobarofficial

Website: Rodeo Bar

BRITTANY'S PICK: Katy Trail Ice House

Instagram: @katytrailicehouse

KATE'S PICK: Catbird

Instagram: @catbirddallas

Website: Catbird

ALYSSA'S PICK: Harwood Arms

Instagram: @harwoodarmsdallas

Website: Harwood Arms

CORI'S PICK: Bowen House

Instagram: @bowenhouse

Website: Bowen House

KAYLA'S PICK: One Eyed Penguin

Instagram: @oneeyedpenguin


SARAH'S PICK: Espresso Martini from Ellie's

Instagram: @elliesdallas_

Website: Ellie's Dallas

DREW'S PICK: Pokey O's

Instagram: @pokeyos

Website: Pokey O's

BRITTANY'S PICK: Val's Cheesecake

Instagram: @valscheesecakes

KATE'S PICK: Sugar Factory

Instagram: @thesugarfactory

ALYSSA'S PICK: Tiger Sugar Boba

Instagram: @tigersugar.usa

Website: Tiger Sugar

CORI'S PICK: Baldo's Ice Cream / Cookie sundae

Instagram: @baldosicecream

KAYLA'S PICK: Zero Gradi

Instagram: @zerogradiusa

Website: Zero Gradi

Add these to your Love List!✨💕

They're already on ours😉


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