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Updated: May 18, 2021

The Halal Guys - on Lemmon Ave - is a spot I'd heard so much about, but hadn't visited yet. What started as a hot dog cart in The Big Apple, has since become the most popular spot for American Halal food. The Halal Guys in NYC are famous for their chicken and gyro over rice, and that's exactly what they're now serving up on Greenville Ave.

Although I love NYC, I love Dallas more and the Halal Guys being right here in Texas saves me from dealing with the horrific Laguardia airport. DFW > LGA. Hey this is my DALLAS Love List, I can have an opinion on airport quality too, right? Per the usual, I digress.

Back to what you're here for, the food! In addition to their current two locations on Lemmon and in Richardson, The Halal Guys officially open their new Greenville Ave location TODAY! Their Grand Opening kickoff festivities start at 4pm!

Here's a look at what you'll be scarfing down... and yes, trust me, it'll be a scarf down. I made (embarrassingly) quick work of that gyro. I'm sure the people who worked there were like, "Bless her heart, she must not have eaten in months!"

Spoiler: I had eaten both breakfast and lunch that day, it was just so freaking good.

Although I'm not a total wuss when it comes to spice, I prefer my mouth not feeling like it's on fire. Just personal preference. My fiancé on the other hand wants to breathe fire. The Halal Guys do have an option to really kick the spice up, and my fiancé of course opted for that. I asked for their famous white sauce which I could probably bathe in if I knew I wouldn't get caught doing so.

Note to self: ask if they sell those olives to-go, in bulk 🤔🤔🤔🤔

Be sure to check out The Halal Guys on Greenville!

They are open and ready to serve as of today!

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