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Updated: May 18, 2021

Dallas is an incredibly dog friendly town. While we might not be like Manhattan where the fanciest, designer dogs are on display, prancing up and down the city blocks - there is no shortage of places to hang out with your mutt. Dog friendly restaurants, patios, breweries and even now HOTELS are jumping on the dog-friendly Dallas train. Last month I took my two dogs, Veenie and General, for the ultimate Dallas pupcation at the luxurious Hotel Crescent Court. We came, we saw, we (they) peed on all of the best dog friendly spots Dallas has to offer.

Before I dive into our weekend's festivities and accommodations.... first things first - meet Veenie and Gee. Veenie is a Jack Russell rescue and she's everything people warn you about Jack Russells. She's INSANE, self centered and cute as a button. General Neyland (aka Gee) is a rescued beagle hailing from the streets of Knoxville, Tennessee - where he and I lived before moving to Dallas. He's a grumpy old man who's hard to please. Dog friendly Dallas and Hotel Crescent Court needed to bring their A dog game in order to impress Mr. General. These two are the loves of my life and my best pals, I was so pumped to spend the weekend paw-pering them. SO MANY DOG PUNS UP FOR GRABS I AM SORRY.

After sniffing every square inch of the new digs (naturally) it certainly seemed like the right time to break open that bag of treats.

No treat was ever consumed without a little showing off for the camera first....

After their treat feast, the pups called it a night and mom and Dad went out on the town. We had drinks in Hotel Crescent Court's lobby bar, better known as Beau Nash. Their lobby is ridiculously breathtaking, filled with giant vases and fresh, colorful floral that was very clearly hand selected and curated very thoughtfully.

After a couple of drinks, even mom and dad get tired of being away and just want to go snuggle the doggies in the giant king bed. Read also, watch Live PD on the massive flat screen. We ordered room service and enjoyed a great night sleep in preparation for the big dog day on Saturday.

Saturday morning, like any normal human (or k9) we required Starbucks. Good thing Hotel Crescent Court has a beautiful Starbucks on property! Veenie helped herself to a pupuccino!!

We also tried to take a "COOL" photo but that didn't go as planned.

Full on whip cream and peanut butter, the pups were ready to burn off some calories for a day out on the town.


Because HOOMANS need to brunch too! Their patio is HUUUUGE and totally dog friendly, In fact, the patio during brunch was bitchin' (hah, more dog puns 😂)


Because one more coffee never hurt anyone, did it??

Pictured is their Summer coke drink, a Coca Cola with a shot of espresso! YES PLEASE!

STOP #3 || MUTTS Cantina

What is the ONE thing that could make a dog park better?? Well that would be ALSO serving great food and cocktails. Mutts Cantina does charge a small fee for your dog to enter, or you can get a membership. If you just want to eat with your pup and don't need them to be IN the actual dog park, no problem - no membership fee needed. They have an awesome frozen margarita I'd absolutely recommend.


Most of our DFW breweries are dog friendly, but I'm a huge fan of Community Brewery and it's just 5 minutes away from Hotel Crescent Court. My favorite beer of theirs is the Mosaic IPA. Not only are there guaranteed to be other dogs there, but it is confirmed that all other dogs in attendance are VERY GOOD BOYS AND GIRLS.

We threw in the towel after four stops - my beagle is, after all, ten years old! He was quite the sport for this dog day of fun. Let's just say he PASSED OUT when we got back to Hotel Crescent Court.

My husband and I showered up and headed downstairs to NOBU for dinner. NOBU is located in the hotel and it is an OUTSTANDING Japanese experience. I say experience because everyone from the General Manager, to our server and even the sushi chef team made us feel like celebrities. They were offering a Summer Omakase menu which was to die for - five courses each one better than the next.

Just to clarify, for sure not dog friendly but if you follow the above guide your pup will be passed out without any idea that you're gone!

A few images from the evening's dinner...

Before heading home the next day, we soaked up some rays at Hotel Crescent Court's pool.

I can't recommend this luxurious hotel enough for anyone who really wants to pamper their pooch, and themselves. They have everything you could ever need from fine dining, spa, pool, great lobby bar and an incredible location within walking distance to so many of Dallas' hot spots!

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