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5 "It-Girl" Spots For Your Next Birthday Dinner in Dallas

If you're a true girly-girl looking for the perfect place to have a birthday dinner celebration, you're in for a treat. Check out this guide for the top, most Instagram-worthy spots in Dallas-Fort Worth that exude femininity, elegance, and all things fabulous, where we've curated a list of the best, girliest spots that will make your birthday dinner an unforgettable experience. Get ready to indulge in delectable cuisine, sip on fancy cocktails, and bask in the stylish ambiance of these sought-after restaurants, tailored for the ultimate birthday celebration with the ladies.

1. crown block

The new Crown Block inside Reunion Tower was one of the most widely anticipated restaurant openings of 2023 so far. A dinner here provides your party with 360-degree views of Downtown Dallas from the most iconic landmark in the city's gorgeous skyline. The new seafood and steak concept is aesthetically STUNNING and the food is AMAZING, too! The menu features all the classic cuts of steak and seafood options, as well as sushi and plant-based options. You can get out of there with an affordable option like the Wagyu burger ($26) or go all-in with their mega-huge Tomahawk steak for $265.

2. lexy's

The case for a GNO or birthday bash at Lexy's opens and closes with one simple proposition: folks, they've got a Champagne Vending Machine! What more do you need? Because Lexy's probably has that, too. The floral ceiling adds so much to the Gram-worthy, girly vibes, the plush pink booths are simply gorgeous and the feathered chandeliers are absolutely FAB, too! Start your night here with a round of girly cocktails or stick around for dinner, too! We highly recommend the Lobster Grilled Cheese.

3. snowbird

This gorgeous, sophisticated cocktail lounge is quickly becoming THE nightlife destination in Frisco. Go from a swanky dinner spread to cocktails and dancing without leaving the premises, because Snowbird has IT ALL! This intimate spot is great for a date night, but it's also perfect for an elevated night out with the girls — and you won't have to worry about bopping all over town to make it all happen.

4. Monarch

Perched above it all, 49 stories up in the middle of Downtown, sits one of the loveliest spots in town, Monarch. It's attached to the beautiful Thompson Hotel, which would make for a perfect birthday staycation now that we think of it. Your dinner will be deliciously over the top at Monarch, and it starts with the glass of champagne they give you ON THE ELEVATOR UP TO THE RESTAURANT. Once you get to your table or the bar, your breath will be taken away with the sweeping views of our city, and when your meal arrives, again, breathless. Remember to breathe in between those two points, and you'll be fine. We love the pasta with decadent crab legs as well as the steak and truffles here.

5. Drake's HollywooD

This swanky steakhouse inspired by Old Hollywood has a beautiful, huge circular bar and a great menu. The dim lighting, crescent-shaped booths, and circular bar conjure a sixties-era Hollywood club, while wall murals filled with celebrity caricatures hammer home the theme. Depending on when you go, you may be able to catch al old-school piano-and-saxophone duo or a DJ set on the weekend. Besides steakhouse favorites, the menu features meat-centric pizzas and a French dip sandwich on a sweet, eggy bun with Rosemary jus. The loaded Vin Scully Fries are also a fave, and don't skip on dessert! You can't go wrong when you're at Drake's.

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