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9 Spots to Sip On Shareable Drinks in Dallas

Updated: Jun 9, 2022

From an early age, we've been told to share with our friends. We here at Dallas Love List are proud of the following bars and restaurants for their efforts in cultivating a similar spirit of generosity within their four walls by offering some of the most fabulous shareable drinks around! These drinks aren't just shareable at the table, mind you, they will also make for some of your best social content!

1. VIDORRA — The VidorRita

📍Dallas, TX

Did you know? Several of Vidorra's incredible on-the-rocks margaritas can be ordered in super-XL! Starting at $41 according to their menu, these margs will hit the spot over, and over, and over, and over again. You can comfortably get at least four straws in there, so bring all your friends for this one!

While you're there, you'll likely need something in your stomach to soak up all that tequila, so go with some of that Good Guac ($11) or an order of the addictive Trompo Street Fries ($12), which come with shaved trompo beef, queso blanco and guac.

2. HERO — Mega-Mosa/mule

📍Dallas, TX

No, they're not Transformers. They're the best shareable mimosa and mule in town! Bring at least two of your besties in order to try the Mega-Mosa or Mega-Mule ($60 each) at Hero in Victory Plaza — it's a hard requirement according to their menu.

The Mega-Mosa strarts with 42-Below vodka, made friendlier with St. Germaine elderflower liqueur, sparkling wine and club soda, while the Mega-Mule features the same vodka with ginger kombucha and lime. Yum.

3. PUNCH BOWL SOCIAL — Punch bowls

📍Dallas, TX

There is so much to do at Punch Bowl Social, you're going to want to bring a crowd with you for all the fun. And what's better for a group of thirsty partiers than a huge bowl of party punch?

Order the "Whiskey Diet" punch bowl ($36 for four servings, $72 for eight), and you won't be disappointed. Made with bourbon, pear chamomile tea, blueberry syrup, honey and fresh lemon juice, it's refreshing without losing that kick that keeps you coming back for more. The featured punch goes for $24 and $48 in the two sizes, while the watermelon flavor goes for $32 and $64.

4. Roy G'S — Champagne Tower

📍Dallas, TX

Photo by: @roygsdallas

How much better does it get, especially at brunch or when you're out celebrating, than refillable champagne right there at your table? It's the level of convenience that frankly we've come to expect in a foodie town as great as Dallas.

Look no further than Roy G's neighborhood bar on Cedar Springs. You'll need three to tackle the 2-bottle tower ($35) or a crew of five to take down the 3-bottle variety ($50). Them's the rules. And, you can customize your tower color and add all the glitter you want, if that's your jam.


📍Dallas, TX

Urban Taco is where the bites, sips and views rule the day while you enjoy the patio weather, which makes a Kokomo Margarita a very welcome addition to the menu. You choose 32ozof your favorite 3 favorite marg flavors to fill up the bowl. Pair your drinking experience with a chips, guacamole and of course tacos, then you and your crew should be good to go for the day!

6. THE BACKYARD — Drink hydrants

📍Dallas, TX

Select specialty cocktails at the Backyard can be mass-produced and made into 100oz shareable good-time hydrant dispensers! We love this at-the-table drink dispensing technology because it doesn't seem quite as in danger of being bumped into and tipped over as some of the taller shareable tower options around town.

Each hydrant is $65, and you can choose from the following flavors: benson, cucumber mule, golden retriever margarita, Julio's ranch water, mastiff mule or royal punch. Pro tip: tilt your glass to fill or position the hydrant where the spigot is hanging off the side of your table. We've seen people lifting these things up in the air to get their next refill, and that is just an accident waiting to happen, people!

7. sugar factory — Goblets

📍Dallas, TX

The decadence. The pageantry. The gummy candy inside. Sugar Factory has arrived, folks. These goblets ($39 each) are meant to be shared among two like-minded sweet-hounds who can reasonably agree on one of the 24 fruity flavor concoctions on the menu.

The staff at Sugar Factory is known for making a production out of bringing you your drinks and desserts. But these goblets are a whole production unto themselves! When the drink hits the dry ice at the bottom of the goblet, you'll want to have video rolling! Don't worry, you don't have to wait for the dry ice to stop bubbling before you start drinking! All 24 flavors are also available without alcohol, too!

8. the common table — Mimosa tower

📍Frisco, TX

The mimosa towers at Common Table at The Star are as stylish as they are de-lish! The stained brass look of the base makes it fit right in with the Common Table aesthetic and with our Instagram pics as well! They come in two sizes: the Lil' Kim ($25) and the Biggie ($40), pictured above. You can also add a lil sum sum to the mix to make it "tropical" for $5 more!

Since the towers are on the brunch menu only, be sure to pair your mimosa tower with some of Common Table's great short rib hash ($16) or a breakfast flatbread ($13)!

9. electric shuffle — trophy cocktails

Shuffleboard is hard, man. So after your next dominating performance, be sure and belly up to the bar and treat the poor sad-sack friend you just beat down to one of Electric Shuffle's shareable trophy cocktails! They're $40 and meant for two (or more, but who are we kidding here).

Choose between the "participation trophy," which starts with citrus vodka and orange liquer or the "if you ain't first, you're last," which is a bourbon-lemonade wonder. Afterward, you'll be sufficiently loose for your next bout on the shuffleboard table.

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