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Updated: May 18, 2021

The Dallas food scene has no shortage of foodie festivals this time of year. The weather cools down and we are all ready to get outside and enjoy our favorite hobby - eating! Well, that's my favorite hobby at least. One of my favorite food festivals in Dallas to date is Chefs for Farmers, which went down the first weekend in November.

During the weekend of festivities, there are three different events: A Backyard Feast with Dean Fearing, the Street Food Night Market and finally the Main Event. I went to both the Street Food Night Market and the Main Event.

The Street Food Night Market revolves around street food style, easy to grab and eat dishes like noodles and meat on a stick. The event is located in Victory Park and a great way to spend a Saturday night. Did I mention that it's unlimited booze from some of your favorite brands like Makers Mark and Ketel One?

This event is a great appetizer to wet your whistle for the big show, the Main Event which takes place on Sunday afternoon. The venue this year was Dallas Heritage Village.

I'm certainly not all knowing, but I'm not aware of a food fest that has taken place in this venue. Let me just do a little hands up praise emoji because this park was DESIGNED to hold a food festival. There was tons of room for vendors to spread out, but not sprawling causing you to walk a mile to get to the next vendor. The ample space caused my favorite phenomenon at a food festival - NO LINES!!!!!!!!!!

Did you hear me?? I just said no lines. If you did wait in a line, it was probably well worth it and no longer than 4-5 minutes tops.

Welcome to the Main Event, let me show you around. When you arrive, you're greeted with a wine glass (necessary, duh) and a map of the festival.

You then immediately arrive at your first (of many) Instagram photo opps.

From there you are immediately showered with {unlimited} food and wine samples galore. It's the best Chefs from Dallas and beyond, amazing wine brands and top shelf liquor. The VIP ticket gets you added access to a private bar serving full sized craft beers and speciality cocktails. The VIP ticket is well worth it with early access to boot. Spend the extra few bucks BUY THE VIP next year. You'll thank me later.

More on the VIP access shortly.

Let me highlight some of my favorite restaurants and chefs.


Ok, those who know me are probably like, "Ok here Sarah goes again with The Adolphus" *face palm*

FULL DISCLOSURE: Not only do I work at The Adolphus this is also where I got married. So yeah, I tend to go nuts for everything Adolphus.

With that said though, I heard multiple people say Chef Jeramie Robison's pig roast was their favorite dish of the afternoon. I thought it was life changing, that's just me though.


I really love when a food festival introduces me to a new restaurant, and Magdalena's in Fort Worth is now officially on my list to visit. They cooked up a Lengua Y Gnocchi that was delicious with just the right amount of spice.


Oh Uchi how I love thee. Do yourself a favor and head straight to the Uchi tent at any and all food festivals you attend. They ALWAYS nail it. This 44 Farms Pho Carpaccio was no exception. I will dream about this dish. --- I'll also continue to dream about when I get to eat at Uchi again, I hope it is soon.

There's also always one restaurant that really comes to play.

They know they've served up solid gold that everyone will be lining up to get their hands on.

Here's where the VIP comes into play though, this year's show off restaurant was in VIP only. See, told y'all you need to order the VIP ticket next year. It was Hookline in Plano and their massive low country boil feast.

I can't even look at these images, they're just so mouthwatering. NAILED IT - HOOKLINE!

Ok, I'm going to tell you about one more great VIP perk and then I'm done, I promise....


If that isn't the bees knees I don't know what is. I've done the Kentucky Bourbon tour (I lived in Lexington for one year) and this was a similar experience to getting to dip your own bottle when you visit Makers.

Thankfully they dipped the glass for us. I say thankfully because we were all drinking and liquid hot magma wax and booze isn't a great combo.

Here are a few other scenes from the day, in case you're not already sold on buying a ticket next year!

Chefs for Farmers has already announced the dates for next year, November 1 - 3, 2019.

You can bet I'll be there, ready to EAT and DRINK!

Follow their Instagram page for updates and announcements on the 2019 events!

Thank you to Chefs For Farmers for hosting me this year, all thoughts and opinions are my own!


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