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Take a Peek Inside the New Omni Frisco PGA RESORT

Welcome to our exciting guide, through the new Omni Frisco PGA Resort. Nestled in the heart of Frisco, Texas, this remarkable destination blends luxurious accommodations, world-class golfing facilities, and an array of exceptional amenities. Whether you're a golf enthusiast seeking to perfect your swing or a discerning traveler in search of an unforgettable experience, the Omni Frisco PGA Resort promises to deliver. Join us as we delve into the opulent offerings, breathtaking views, and unrivaled experiences awaiting you at this extraordinary resort.

We spent three days at the Omni PGA Resort in Frisco, and we're dying to pass along all the best tips and recs. The PGA Frisco is an absolute playground for adults and kids alike. Whether you are just popping by for an afternoon or to stay a few nights, you are going to have a blast. The whole place is of course golf themed, but that should not deter the non-golfers from checking it out!

First, the hotel is ABSOLUTELY STUNNING. It is one of the classiest hotels we have ever had the pleasure of staying in. Customer service the full 5 stars throughout the entire stay. If the weather is right, as soon as you check in, get out to the adults-only pool on the 6th floor. The view is stunning. You can see the 36-hole championship golf course, the stunning grounds, the District area and the insane combo of the 2-acre putting green and 10-hole, par-3 course. If you cannot swing the adults-only pool because you have kiddos in tow, don’t worry. The family pool is massive and has great service from the pool bar and the restaurant right next to it as well.

There are multiple restaurants in the hotel as well. Trick Rider is perhaps the hottest new restaurant in Frisco and that is saying a LOT. Everything we ate was perfect, and the vibes were on point. Sometimes steak houses can feel a bit stuffy and quiet. Trick rider had live music going and the décor and ambience were very welcoming. The staff were all well-versed in their menu and can ensure you choose the right thing for everyone in your party. We highly recommend starting out with the Broiled Oysters. The Apron is a beautifully decorated three-meal-per-day restaurant. It serves as the restaurant to the family pool, and you cannot go wrong eating there any time of day.

But "The District" was probably our favorite part of the stay. There is an insane lighted 2-acre putting green with around 50 holes to play to that is ABSOLUTELY FREE. There is an entire mini golf setup of 9 and 18 holes on real grass! Putters and balls are available for rent there as well. You can get dinner/snacks at a number of places. We went to the Ice House and had some great food and drinks. The coolest part about the Ice House is they have six live golfing bays in the back. You can reserve them for your dinner time and hit golf balls out onto the real driving range with Toptracer technology telling you all about your shots. They have another lounge with TopGolf Simulators right next door where you can eat and drink while virtually playing some of the coolest golf courses around the world.

Playing the lighted, 10-hole par-3 course in the evening was one of the coolest things we did on our stay. It was really fun, and we didn't have to incur the wrath of the summer sun to get it done! You can get drinks from the Ice House beforehand and there are beverage holders on every teebox. In between holes five and seven The Swing Bar will serve you up your favorite cocktail or another ice cold beer. The longest hole on the course was 103 yards and the whole thing took us a little over an hour to play. We met some new friends and golfers of all skill levels should feel welcomed here. The cost is between 20$ and 40$ per round depending on time of day and a few other factors.

Last but certainly not least was the PGA Frisco Fields Ranch golf facility. The course, the clubhouse, the driving range and the staff were all first class. If money is not a factor in your decision or if you just want a chance to splurge or celebrate something on the golf course this is the place for you. Make sure to get there early, as the practice facilities are first class as well. At the driving range you can choose from a variety of premium golf balls like Titleist or Callaway Chrome Softs. They have multiple putting and chipping greens as well. Fields Ranch East is their18-hole pride and joy. This course will host several Major Championships and other professional golf tournaments over the next 20 years. The East course requires a caddy unless you are a member and they encourage walking if weather is permitting. We played Fields Ranch West and I cannot rave enough about the quality of this track. It was in absolutely perfect shape and our forecaddie JD took amazing care of us all day long. This was such a memorable experience and I encourage any avid golfer to consider it at least once!

Our trip to Omni PGA Frisco was perfect. There are a TON of things we didn’t get to hit in our few days and we will be back for sure! Find that golfer in your group and get out there for some casual or serious top level golf fun!

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