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The Best Drinks at the 2022 State Fair of Texas

Having a Fair Day is thirsty work! Whether you're soaking up the suds or looking for something more extravagant to drink at the 2022 State Fair of Texas, us this list to find the most refreshing State Fair moments at the most economical prices.

1. the cheap beer

Find the cheap beers for just 4 coupons here at the Beer Barn, or there are a couple of beer stands along the Funway that have select beers for just 4 tickets as well.

2. the pineapple drink

You'll have everyone asking where you got that fancy rum-drink carved into that huge pineapple cup as you're strolling and sipping from this bad boy. Put it up against any of the iconic State Fair backdrops to step your Insta-game up at notch or two. Find it at the Pineapple Man stand in the Cotton Bowl Plaza.

3. chismosa

The Chismosa is a new twist on a beloved brunch classic: the mimosa. The name translates to “nosy, gossipy person,” inspired by brunch-goers favorite pastime — catching up on all the hot goss! This frozen mimosa combines champagne and orange juice with a chamoy and Tajín rim, giving fairgoers a delicious fruity flavor with a little kick. To get your brunch on with a bougie Chismosa, follow the sounds of popping champagne bottles to Nimitz Circle, where Garza’s Ranchero Fajitas stand is ready to satisfy all your bubbly needs!

4. the cha-cha chada

Pick up one of these towering sweet Horchata delights at Ranchero Deep Fried Love in the Tower Building food court. You will not regret it! The Cha-Cha Chata won "Most Creative" at this year's Big Tex Choice Awards and is properly sipped through the accompanying churro straw that comes with it. A thing of beauty.

5. dirty soda

This decadent drink is made your choice of soda or sparkling water, then turned ‘dirty’ and oh-so-delicious with a spike of cream, flavored syrup, and/or fresh fruity add-ins. Fairgoers looking for a tasty concoction will enjoy all the custom combinations with odes to State Fair landmarks; from a classic dirty soda like the ‘Midway,’ made with a soda, pineapple, and coconut cream or the flavorful ‘Texas Skyway,’ made with sparkling water and a mix of coconut, vanilla, strawberry — there’s a favorite for every fairgoer. Find the Dirty Sodas at Stiffler's Mom's Cookie Factory in the middle of the Midway.

6. 2-ticket bottled water

You'll be happy to see how many booths and stands have bottled water for just two tickets at the 2022 State Fair. Many of the booths where you buy tickets will have a 2-ticket water booth right next to them. It's the perfect refreshing moment after you've been traipsing around Fair Park riding rides and scarfing all the Fair foods.

Add them all to your State Fair Love List ✨


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