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The Best Places To Park Along Dallas' Katy Trail

There are several unspoken rules for living well here in Dallas, and finding the perfect parking spot at the Katy Trail is definitely one of the handiest tricks to learn! It’s one of the most popular walking and jogging trails in Dallas, but if you ask a local where to park, you will get a different answer every time! Here are our best bets for parking spots along the Katy Trail.

1. Reverchon Park

To start at the south end of the trail system, leave the car at Reverchon Park, and take the ramp right up to the trail. There’s a full parking lot at this park with direct access to the south end of the trail!

2. buena vista & Cambrick

If you want to start in the middle of the trail, you can usually find something on the street near the intersection of Buena Vista and Cambrick. This intersection has tons of street parking just steps from the middle of the trail!

3. turtle creek & Blackburn street

This parking lot sits behind Turtle Creek and once you walk up toward the trail, you will see a small path that leads directly to it!

4. west village

To hotgirl walk with a coffee, you can park at the West Village and stop by Starbucks — the trail is only two blocks away!

5. mockingbird station

If you have some distance to walk or run, start at mockingbird station. This gives you access to University Crossing, which connects White Rock Lake Trail and the Katy Trail! The north end of the trail is only a half-mile from where you parked.

6. katy trail ice house

And, of course, if you want to chill and drink or meet up with friends after your walk or run, Katy Trail Ice House is the perfect meet-up. You can valet or find street parking nearby.

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